Batman: Arkham City Endgame Features Challenge Modes


Posted August 31, 2011 - By Leah Jackson

Batman: Arkham City Challenge Modes

After you spend over 40 hours playing Batman: Arkham City, Rocksteady wanted to include something else to keep fans hooked into the superhero action game with its multiplayer challenge mode. Challenge mode is where you'll get to play as iconic heroes or anti-heroes from the Batman Universe, like Robin, in fun little minigames. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, as Kevin Kelly points out in his preview:

"Moving on to the final challenge, Catwoman and Batman both raced from one point in the city to another, although Dax underscored the fact that this is not a mode in the game. Although after watching it, I sure wish it was. Both of them had to move through the city as quickly as they could, finally getting to the top of a Ferris wheel on the edge of the city. This is where Batman pulls ahead, showing off his new Grapple Boost ability that allows him to use the Grapple Gun while gliding to give himself a boost up and over obstacles."

Be sure to read our entire Batman: Arkham City preview from Gamescom to find out even more about the game's challenge modes.  

Batman: Arkham City Endgame Features Challenge Modes


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