Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection Walkthrough - Your Guide To Moon And The Classic World At War Zombie Maps


Posted August 29, 2011 - By Adam Rosenberg

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection Walkthrough - Your Guide To The Maps

The Rezurrection map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops brings everything full circle for the 2010 hit. The Zombies-only map pack gathers the four remastered World at War maps -- previously available only to those who bought Hardened or Prestige editions of the game last November -- and adds one newcomer, Moon, which serves to close the latest chapter in the ongoing Zombies mode story.

Moon is also the most elaborate Call of Duty Zombies map yet, by a very wide margin. You've got more space to move around in, an all-new sub-challenge set on Earth, a multi-purpose Wonder Gun and an endlessly useful Hacking device, significantly expanding the range of tactical options available to players.

I've been cramming every waking moment into Moon and its World at War-era companions, and I've come away with a few tips for surviving into round 20 and beyond. The focus is mostly on Moon, but I've added a couple of notes on World at War's Nacht der Untoten, Shi No Numa, Verruckt and Der Reise as well.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection Walkthrough - Your Guide To The Maps


Even the simple act of starting a game on the Moon map can be a challenge if you don't know what's going on. The map opens in a pre-Round 1 zone on Earth at Area 51: this is No Man's Land, and you'll be coming back here later both to use the Pack-a-Punch machine and to access the Jugger-Nog and Speed Cola perk machines, though only one of the two appears during a given trip.

The key in No Man's Land is to survive until you can climb the stairs and get to the teleporter inside the open hanger. Rack up as many points as you can here when first starting out by using your knife and chucking grenades into groups; don't bother wasting pistol ammo.

After a brief amount of time elapses, you'll hear a buzzer. That's your warning that the teleporter will soon be active. Maybe 10 or 15 seconds later, an alarm will sound and zombies, stronger ones (no more one-knife-kills) will suddenly start spawning in HUGE numbers and running at full clip. Hellhounds will also spawn. Hightail it to teleporter at this point and you'll be whisked off to Round 1... on the Moon!

The moment you arrive in the Receiving Room there, you'll notice that your character is choking on the lack of air. Walk forward a few paces to a nearby closet and you'll see space suits hanging inside. Press X to pick one up and then tap up on the D-pad to put it on. Now you're safe-ish. Or at least, now you can't suffocate. Good for you!

Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection Walkthrough - Your Guide To The Maps

The first seven or eight rounds of Moon are the most critical for getting yourself set up for a long haul. There's no foolproof way to guarantee your survival through these early rounds, though having a team of three or four is extremely helpful.

You'll want to spend the first two or three rounds in that starting room, tending to the two windows. The zombie astronaut should spawn at some point, a slow-moving behemoth with a red name tag over its head (pulled from one player's Friends List). You don't get any points for killing it, and it takes a LOT of bullets to bring down. Your best bet early on is to knife it to death, or just work around it.

A few important things about this fellow though. Get too close, and it'll grab you and headbutt you, instantly teleporting you to another previously opened location on the map. Also, killing this sucker triggers an explosion. It can't damage you in the low-gravity environment -- you're simply sent flying -- but it will take out any nearby zombies. So if you're intent on taking out the Cosmozombie, make sure that any crawlers you're trying to keep alive aren't nearby.

Also, make sure you don't throw any grenades in here, or in any of Moon's indoor locations other than the dome. Grenades have the ability to blow out windows, which means that you won't be able to get air and gravity in those locations once the power is on.

After the first few rounds, have someone open a door to the outside; there are two doors in the starting room, and opening one -- for 750 points -- unlocks both. Don't bother with the Olympia or the M14 wall weapons. Instead, have someone unlock the door to Tunnel 6 (on the Olympia side) and have everyone grab an MPL off the wall.

This is going to be our base until round seven or eight; the goal is to get everyone up to around 5000 points before moving on. Stick two people up in the Receiving Room, one on each window, and two outside covering the Tunnel 6 door (two windows in the MPL room) and the ground outside, as zombies will spawn there as well.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection Walkthrough - Your Guide To The Maps

Once everyone's got a nice base of points, make a crawler and move through the MPL room and then through the next room, a series of tunnels with only one other exit, into the power room, where you'll also see a large, black pyramid. The Mystery Box may spawn here too, but save your points for now. Definitely turn on the power though, as it restores oxygen and gravity to certain rooms.

The power room has three exits; the one back into Tunnel 6, another one leading to Tunnel 11 (directly across the room from where you enter) and a third door, at the top of a set of stairs, leading to the Moon's labs, the Area 51 teleporter and the massive dome, the best place to spend the majority of your fighting time.

Also of note is the Hacking device, which is one of the single-most useful tools yet introduced in Zombies mode. You'll find it in the labs on one of several white tables set into the walls (the spawn location is random). The Hacker replaces your space suit, but it's got a range of uses:

  • A locked door can be hacked, a process that takes about a minute, for just 200 points.
  • Hacking a wall weapon (3000 points) swaps the price of ammo refills; it's normally 500 to refill a standard gun and 4500 to refill a Pack-a-Punch'ed one. Useful in the later game.
  • If you go to the Mystery Box and don't like the gun it spits out, that gun can be hacked once for a re-roll that costs 600 points. You can then hack it again, which allows any other player to pick up the re-rolled gun.
  • If you end up with a perk that you don't want, hack the machine you got it from (no cost) for a full refund.
  • Gift 500 points to another player by hacking him or her. Oh yes. You can hack people too.
  • Hack any pickup that drops to convert it into a Max Ammo, for 5000 points. Hacking a Max Ammo reportedly turns it into a Fire Sale, but who would be crazy enough to do such a thing?
  • Hack the Pack-a-Punch machine on Earth to raise gates around it and keep zombies out for a short amount of time while you upgrade your weapons in safety.
  • Hacking any Mystery Box spawn location that the box isn't in (for 1200 points) causes the box to suddenly appear and offer you a random weapon.
  • Occasionally, you'll hear an announcement over the station's loudspeakers about an excavator and some kind of imminent decompression. Get yourself a crawler and head back to the Receiving Room with the Hacker ASAP. Use it to hack whichever of the two panels on either side of the room has a green flashing light. That turns off the excavator and prevents you from losing air and gravity in the labs, tunnels and dome.
  • The Hacker is also an essential component for solving Moon's massive easter egg challenge, though I won't be getting into that process here.
  • It’s still not clear exactly how this works, but keeping the hacker device out a certain times – such as during a trip to Earth or as one round ends and another begins, can net you bonus points.

I told you to skip the box earlier because it's a good idea to situate yourself in the dome as soon as possible. It’s the most open place on the entire map, and the easiest area to survive rounds in no matter what weapons you’re carrying. Moon is mostly tight quarters and cramped hallways, but you can use the added space in the dome to build up zombie trains behind you for easy kills.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection Walkthrough - Your Guide To The Maps

Watch out for the yellow jump pads though. Since our goal is to keep air and gravity inside the dome, those pads are a big danger. If you jump through the entire sequence of pads, you can land safely on one of the white, mattress-like pillows at the end of the last jump. Landing anywhere else is instant death, unless you have Jugger-Nog.

With four players, the best place in the dome to “camp” is the path leading to the door outside where the teleporter is. Have your Hacker carrier open that door. With four players, have two people defending against zombies coming from that direction and two others keeping watch for those coming from elsewhere in the dome. Mind the yellow stepladders at the sides of the path, however; zombies spawn from these.

You should go after Juggs as soon as everyone has a decent weapon. The teleporter is located outside, accessible from doors in either the dome or on the third floor of the labs (a box spawn is out there as well). In order to use the teleporter, all living players must be on the pad. If someone went down during the round and it's too late to revive them, you can still gather the survivors together and use the teleporter.

From here, it's just a matter of surviving as long as you can. The dome is by far the best place to do so. As long as you watch out for the jump pads and beware of the tricky nooks and crannies that can trap you, it's pretty easy to either camp out by the teleporter exit or run around in circles and take out zombies by the trainload.

A few added notes: the map's new Wonder Gun has two firing modes. The default makes it look like you're dual-wielding Ray Guns. The difference is, these puppies shoot out electric blasts. There's no area of effect damage, however, so you'll need a direct hit to take out a zombie with it. Pressing left on the D-pad combines the two guns into one; this is your area attack weapon, causing all zombies it hits to quickly inflate and explode.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection Walkthrough - Your Guide To The Maps

There's also a new grenade, the Quantum Entanglement Device (QED). This can either be a big help or create equally big problems. Throwing a QED out produces a variety of random effects, which could be anything from gifting all players with Pack-a-Punch'ed weapons to teleporting you to a random place to giving the Cosmozombie a gun and having it go after zombies instead of you and your teammates.

Finally, there's the new Mule Kick perk, which is made of pure awesome. This 4000 point drink will allow you to purchase a third weapon, either off the wall or out of the Mystery Box. If you go down and lose the perk, that third weapon goes away too... but buying the perk back restores your lost gun.


In addition to Moon, Rezurrection also includes slightly updated versions of the four zombie maps from World at War. There are a few important things to note about these maps.

For starters, all of the wall weapons are World War II-era firearms, but anything you get from the Mystery Box is pulled from the Black Ops arsenal. There are no "new" guns to be found, but the offering of Wonder Weapons is slightly different: the Thundergun can be gotten in Nacht der Untoten, the Winter's Howl is found in Verruckt, and the Wunderwaffe DG-2 pops up in both Shi No Numa and Der Riese.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection Walkthrough - Your Guide To The Maps

Nacht der Untoten (Night) is unique among the maps for having no Perk-a-Cola machines. In addition, this is the only map in which the Mystery Box never moves from its starting point (barring the Moon's Hacking device trick).

Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection Walkthrough - Your Guide To The Maps

Perks pop up in Shi No Numa (Swamp), with a machine appearing each time a new hut is opened. You'll also encounter Hellhound bosses every few rounds; killing them all yields a Max Ammo pick-up. In addition, there's no Power Switch to worry about on either this map or Nacht.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection Walkthrough - Your Guide To The Maps

Verruckt (Asylum) was the first Zombies map to feature Perk-a-Cola machines, and they're back. Traps, another Zombies debut on this map, are also still present. Verruckt is unique among the maps for splitting players up at the start of each match, with the door separating the two starting rooms only opening once the power has been turned on.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection Walkthrough - Your Guide To The Maps

Finally, there's Der Riese (Factory), the first Zombies map to include a Pack-a-Punch machine. The PaP doesn't appear in any of the other Classic maps, so this is still the only place to upgrade your weapons.

In order to access it, you need to link the map's three teleporter pads. One is located in the spawn room and the other two are found further out in the map. To link teleporters, step onto one of the two not in the spawn room, press X when prompted and then run back to the spawn room pad and press X on that one. All pads must be linked in order to open the PaP door.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection Walkthrough - Your Guide To Moon And The Classic World At War Zombie Maps


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