Halo: Reach Update Adds 4GB Consoles, Nerfs Armor Lock


Posted August 26, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

Halo: Reach Multiplayer Improvements And Features Detailed

A title update coming in mid-late September to Halo: Reach will add 4GB consoles, but nerf Armor Lock.

Previously, Xbox 360 gamers with tiny drives were out of luck. Reach is just too big to run on those 4GB versions of the 360. The update  will allow even the low-end 360s to get in on the fun Expect new playlists to roll out in early October.

That's all the good news. Here's the other news (whether it's bad or good depends on your Reach playstyle). In the newly updated version of Halo: Reach, using the armor lock perk will no longer knock stick grenades off your armor.

Personally, I'm like, "Thank God!" There's nothing worse than sticking someone perfectly and them having a way to weasel out of their much-deserved punishment.

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Halo: Reach Update Adds 4GB Consoles, Nerfs Armor Lock


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