Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Sandbox Mode Revealed


Posted August 26, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record "Sandbox Mode" Trailer »

Finally, Dead Rising is getting a proper sandbox mode! Dead Rising: Off the Record will feature "do what you feel mode" when it releases on October 11. No more will our zombie slaying be bound by time limits, people. It's time to be free to kill zombies in entertaining ways!

According to Capcom:

"Players can explore the casinos, restaurants, malls and new Uranus Zone that comprise Fortune City without the obstacle of time. Challenges placed throughout the city offer players the chance to earn additional cash for use in the pawn shops and vending machines around Fortune City. Ranging from collection style challenges to vehicle-based challenges to zombie massacre challenges; the higher the rank of the player, the more cash they win."

If you're at PAX this weekend, you can check it out at Capcom's booth, #3425. Tell them Steve sent you. They won't care, but tell them that anyway!

All of the best people are following Stephen Johnson's twitter feed. Also, email me if you wanna.

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Sandbox Mode Revealed


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