Halo: Anniversary Hands-On Preview: Combat Evolved, Again


Posted August 26, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

Halo Anniversary Preview

Our crack team of literate gaming nerds are on the ground at PAX Prime 2011, seeing the sights, meeting the people and, most importantly, playing the games. Last night it was Halo Fest. This morning, we have Eric Eckstein, Nikole Zivalich, Jake Gaskill and Leah Jackson's impressions of Halo: Anniversary's Team Slayer and Firefight modes:

Here's a sample:

"Team Slayer is where the magic happens in Halo. Halo: CE Anniversary will have the option to play an updated version of a classic map and a version that has been tweaked to better handle new perks. Basically, 343 read my mind, knew I always go for jetpack, and redid a bunch of classic maps with more ledges, caves, and anywhere else I could boost up and hide. Camping is legitimate strategy. And using your jetpack to get to those camp spots is just smart. This is why I win wars, people."

Check out the rest of our Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary preview.

Halo: Anniversary Hands-On Preview: Combat Evolved, Again


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