OnLive To Give Away Systems To PAX-Goers


Posted August 25, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

OnLive Getting Wi-Fi Support, Half-Off Labor Day Sale

If you decided to miss PAX Prime this weekend, you're probably already regretting the decision, but I'm about to make your pain even greater: The makers of OnLive have decided to give one of their cloud-based gaming systems to anyone at PAX with an OnLive account.

From OnLive's twitter feed:

"Everyone who visits our booth and tells us their PlayerTag gets a FREE OnLive Game System! Be ready! Sign up now!"

"But I don't have a PlayerTag!" you may be whining. Don't sweat it. Check out OnLive's signup page to sign up.

Details are a little scarce on how, exactly, you'll acquire your free semi-console, but, hey, stop by Booth 258 during PAX and find out what the deal is. After all: It's a free console!

OnLive To Give Away Systems To PAX-Goers


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