PAX 2011: Get Zombie-Fied With All Zombies Must Die


Posted August 24, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

PAX 2011: Get Zombie-Fied With All Zombies Must Die

If you're going to PAX Prime this weekend, we've got a treat for you. G4 and doublesix games (makers of  upcoming Steam, PSN and Xbox Live game All Zombies Must Die!) are teaming up to make three of you into zombies. No, we're not going to perform arcane Santeria rituals upon you, instead, ace zombie makeup artist Mark Rosenwald will perform his magic and make you into one of the shambling undead. Check out the ghoul above for a sample!

"How can I become a zombie?" you may be asking. It's simple:

  1. Be going to PAX this weekend.
  2. Leave a funny zombie joke in our comment section. With a working email address. Funniest jokes win. (Except "What do zombie vegetarians eat?" We've hear that one.)
  3. Stop by booth 6414 at Pax and get your hair and face did.
  4. Profit.

We'll email the funniest jokers with further details.

PAX 2011: Get Zombie-Fied With All Zombies Must Die


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