Gears of War 3 No-Slip Thumbs: KontrolFreek Unveils Epic Edition


Posted August 23, 2011 - By Kevin Kelly

Gears of War 3 will be out soon, and there's something you need to start thinking about: your poor thumbs. You're going to be mashing, pushing, and pulling your control sticks through a lot of battles, and you'll need all the traction you can get to make sure you don't accidentally steer Marcus Fenix into a waiting horde of Lambent Locust. That's where KontrolFreek steps in with their new FPS Freek Epic edition.

Gears of War 3 No-Slip Thumbs: KontrolFreek Unveils Epic Edition

We included KontrolFreek FPS Freek editions in our Gadget Pr0n roundup from last year, because they actually add a lot to the gaming experience.Especially if you're a first person, or in this case third person, shooter fan. They brought these by the office recently, where I got to try them out. The ridged edges grab your thumb nicely, and the concave design feels incredibly comfortable under the pad of your opposable digit. Plus the cog design with the inner skull will make the Cole Train proud.

These will be out on September 13 for $13.99, giving you a week to ready up for Gears of War 3. Read the rest of the specs after the break.


"FPS Freek EPIC helps gamers fight their final battle as Marcus Fenix.

The FPS Freek EPIC controller accessory is a tribute to this year's most anticipated third-person shooter, Gears of War 3.  As the first ever thumb stick accessory designed specifically for third-person shooters, the EPIC will help gamers improve their gunplay as the story plunges them into a harrowing tale of survival and brotherhood.  FPS Freek EPIC comes in the signature crimson red color along with the iconic omen design.

Gears of War 3 No-Slip Thumbs: KontrolFreek Unveils Epic Edition

The concave surface has been developed for optimum grip and comfort to eliminate thumb slippage and improve players' aim when using weapons like the Flaming Hammerburst, Gold Plated Retro Lancer or weapons like the Gnasher Shotgun.  Whether it's the new four player campaign or multiplayer showdowns, gamers can take the competitive edge in the heat of every campaign with this accessory.  The EPIC is especially perfect for mid to long range shootouts, but when it comes to melee chainsaw battles there's really no contest.      

A must-have for Gears of War fans, the FPS Freek EPIC helps players gain the upper hand during tense skirmishes and shootouts when fast reaction time and target precision are a must."

The Science:

As a leading game accessories brand dedicated to top gaming performance, KontrolFreek develops high-quality, ergonomically designed controller add-ons that are designed to improve the accuracy, grip and movement that are typical of the game, and similar franchises. The raised height of EPIC also alleviates thumb pressure to provide better comfort for all gamers.    

Gears of War 3 No-Slip Thumbs: KontrolFreek Unveils Epic Edition


  • First ever attachment designed specifically for third-person shooters
  • Perfect for medium to long-range shootouts and close quarters chainsaw battles
  • Concave surface designed for optimum grip, accuracy and comfort
  • Raised outer ridge for an extremely tactile feel
  • Special crimson red thumb-pad color formulation
  • Tournament legal


Gears of War 3 No-Slip Thumbs: KontrolFreek Unveils Epic Edition


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