Real Life Version Of Bioshock's Rapture Planned


Posted August 22, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

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Moneyed industrialist Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal, recently invested $1.25 million in an effort to build a Libertarian floating city in the middle of the ocean, partially bankrolling a real-life version of Bioshock's undersea city of Rapture.

Thiel and company's communities won't be built under the ocean, but will instead float upon it on "seateaded" platforms in International waters, free from the grasp of government and other economic parasites. The idea is essentially the same as Andrew Ryans':  Get a bunch of Libertarians together and create a Utopia outside the reaches of government. Only then will humanity flourish! Or something.

While I'll stop short of predicting gangs of roving genetically spliced mutants murdering all inhabitants of the floating, Randian "Paradise," I feel pretty confident in predicting that the city will fall into ruin and disorder shortly after it is founded; after all, a bunch of fanatics who feel no responsibility to their fellow man founding a community, and all living together on a fake island without laws, is almost a perfect recipe for Bioshock level collapse. I give it about 4 months before absolute mayhem reigns and the Big Daddies show up with their terrible bolt guns.

So what do you guys think? Would you move to a modern version of Rapture if you could? Do you think this movement will be successful?

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Real Life Version Of Bioshock's Rapture Planned


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