Mass Effect 3: Hands-On Impressions From Gamescom


Posted August 22, 2011 - By Nikole Zivalich

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Mass Effect 3

Gamescom was the place to be if you love video games. As such, BioWare was in attendance to show off their upcoming RPG, Mass Effect 3. When I say "show off" I mean it. BioWare is basically just bragging at this point. ME3 is shaping up to be the must have game of 2012. And since the world ends next year I think it's safe to say the must have game before the world explodes. (Go ahead, BioWare, you have my permission to use that quote on the boxart.)

Here's a sample of our preview:

"The mission is fairly successful, at least up until just before the end, when a huge piloted mech called an Atlus suddenly lands from the sky onto the balcony in front of me and my squad. Garrus for some reason decides to try getting up close and personal with the lumbering beast, this not ending well as it slams a thick steel fist right into my alien friend’s head and knocks him out cold. I think about healing him but decide that maybe it would be best to rely on Liara’s biotic powers rather than risk a hit-and-run heal. Liara’s lift grenades don’t seem to hurt the big guy, maybe because he’s too big, but her Singularity power is more effective. I try aiming for the pilot in the knowledge that if I take him out first then I can pilot the mech myself, but my accuracy isn’t with me today. We succeed, but the fun of getting to ride the mech around will have to wait for another day.

Make sure to read the entire Mass Effect 3 preview from Gamescom here.

Mass Effect 3: Hands-On Impressions From Gamescom


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