Notch Vs Bethesda: Quake 3 Challenge Was "A Poor Choice"


Posted August 22, 2011 - By Nikole Zivalich

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Minecraft's Notch Challenges Bethesda To A Quake 3 Duel Over

After Bethesda threatened legal action over the name of Notch's next game, Scrolls, he proposed they settle the matter out of court and in the Quake 3 arena. The suggestion was made in jest, but on second thought, the Minecraft creator admitted, Quake 3 wasn't the right game for their dispute.

“If it came to a Quake III tournament, I have a feeling we just might have to change the name,” Notch told Wired.com. He then noted Bethesda owns the brand and probably has professional Quake players on staff.

“In retrospect, Quake III might have been a poor choice.”

Obviously a Quake 3 match wouldn't be a fair fight. The issue remains however, Bethesda claims Mojang and Notch's game "Scrolls" infringes on their copyright of  "The Elder Scrolls." Quake 3 is out, what game should they use to solve this legal battle?

Source: Wired

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Notch Vs Bethesda: Quake 3 Challenge Was "A Poor Choice"