Na'Vi Win The International Gamescom Dota 2 Tournament Over EHOME For One Million Dollars


Posted August 22, 2011 - By Leah Jackson

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Na'vi Win The International Gamescom Dota 2 Tournament Over EHOME For One Million Dollars

Na'Vi, the Ukrainian Dota 2 team has been crowned the first ever Dota 2 champion over team EHOME, winning a staggering one million dollars at the Gamescom tournament in Cologne, Germany. Na'Vi battled it out against 15 of the world's top Dota 2 teams, showcasing amazing talent and strategy.

Dota 2 is based on a Warcraft 3 mod called Defense of the Ancients. The game is currently being developed by Valve, with one of the original developers, IceFrog. In order to generate hype for their new title Valve threw a one million dollar tournament called The International.

The International was the first time that Dota 2 has been seen by the public, and for the most part, most eSports fans were quite happy with what Valve has done with the title. The attention to detail that Valve showed with the new design of the game, the heroes, and the animations was extremely impressive and reminiscent of the original game.

Starting in the Winner's Bracket, Na'Vi started the finals one game up against EHOME. The final series was extremely intense, as EHOME managed to tie it up by winning the first game. But, with their aggressive strategy and confidence, Na'Vi was able to surge back to win two games in a row, to become the first Dota 2 champions in the best of five format.

Game 4 of Set 5 between Na'Vi and EHOME

Overall, Valve gave away $1.6 million in prize money to eight teams over five days. This huge prize pool was the largest ever in eSports history. But what's really got fans shaking in anticipation is that Erik Johnson, project manager on Dota 2, basically confirmed in an interview with Dealspwn.com that they intend to throw this competition again next year and that the prize pool will "be at least as big as the current prize pool". Awesome.

If you missed any of the Dota 2 tournament from Gamescom 2011 you can watch all of the replays on the official Dota 2 YouTube channel.

What did you think of the tournament? Were you pleased with the result, and did Dota 2 live up to your expectations? I thought that it was extremely action packed, intense, and I thought that the way Na'Vi destroyed almost everyone was mind-boggling. I can't wait to get my hands on this game sometime next year.

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Na'Vi Win The International Gamescom Dota 2 Tournament Over EHOME For One Million Dollars


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