Escape Plan: Quirky, Black And White Platformer


Posted August 19, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

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Escape Plan

Escape Plan is a quirky PlayStation Vita puzzler that presents the world in rich black and white.  Along with a unique visual style, Escape Plan takes advantage of some of the more esoteric technical capabilities of the Vita. Here's a sample of  Sinan Kubba's preview from GamesCom 2011:

One or two of the puzzles I saw showed off how the game uses some of the other tech features of Vita. One I saw, which was shown a bit of in the Sony trailer, involved a gas canister for Lil to use. Tapping on it made Lil suck on the canister and suddenly fill up with helium like a giant balloon. Lil floated up through a hole in the ceiling into a new room, but to get to the exit I had to tilt the Vita to the right to make Lil float along through another hole in the right-hand wall. If I wanted to propel the inflated Lil a bit quicker, I could pinch him using the touch screen and back touch, getting the balloon to "fart" his way across as the screen – that’s the dev’s choice of word, not mine.

Read the entirety of our Escape Plan preview.

Escape Plan: Quirky, Black And White Platformer


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