Ubisoft From Dust DRM Controversy: Why PC Gamers Got The Short End Of The Stick


Posted August 19, 2011 - By Leah Jackson

Gamescom 2010: From Dust First Look Preview

The inclusion of a constant internet connection DRM in Ubisoft's PC version of From Dust has caused quite a controversy among PC gamers. Originally, Ubisoft said that the game where you control nature would not require a permanent internet connection, but gamers found after they bought it that it does require you to have a connection to log in for each play session. So Ubisoft lied, kind of.

"We are aware of some confusion over the inclusion of DRM in the release of From Dust on PC," said the company on the official Ubisoft message boards."To prevent any on-going confusion we would like to clarify From Dust PC will release with DRM requiring a one-time only online activation," continues the statement. "After which you will be able to play the game offline."

But the real issue is that PC gamers weren't even given a proper port of the indie title. The game is capped at a pathetic 30 FPS for the PC version. On top of that, gamers are complaining about awful controls that haven't been optimized for a mouse in a game where better controls would have been a huge advantage.

The PC community is in a bit of an uproar over Ubisoft deceiving them over From Dust. They're saying that it's completely unacceptable for From Dust to come with these flaws that Ubisoft said wouldn't be in there.

Personally, I understand why people get mad at constant internet DRM but I don't mind it myself. If I'm on my computer then there's a good chance that I'm going to also be on the internet. Those folks traveling with laptops don't always get this luxury, I understand, but for me it isn't such an issue.

What I don't like is how poorly the PC version was ported from the console version. In the end Ubisoft obviously thinks they will make more money on games with DRM on them, but if they lose money on the game because it was ported badly, well, how do they justify that?

What do you think about the From Dust DRM controversy? Will this type of DRM prevent you from buying the PC version of the game?

Sources: Rock Paper Shotgun, GiantBomb

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Ubisoft From Dust DRM Controversy: Why PC Gamers Got The Short End Of The Stick


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