Carbine Studios' Wildstar MMO Features Innovative Gameplay And Bunny Girls

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Posted August 17, 2011 - By Leah Jackson


Wildstar is the new MMORPG from Carbine Studios. With games like World of Warcraft, Fallout, and City of Heroes on the creators' resumes, they definitely have the chops to make a great next gen MMO. Wildstar takes point from the MMO classics and innovates upon them in a positive way.

"As I guide my Aurin through a newbie area, an icy plain sprinkled with the wreckage of a space ship. Immediately, I get a quest to place a beacon on top of a hill, but blocking my way to the hilltop are intermittent tides of an avalanche. But traversing the avalanche isn't just a game hindrance. If I do it quickly and skillfully enough, I can complete a Challenge. These Challenges pop up throughout the game, spawned by actions like investigating certain areas or killing creatures prolifically. They can be like the avalanche one or more combat-orientated, like having to kill a certain number of creatures in a certain amount of time or with only so much ammo. Completing the challenges brings rewards and further challenges, and even in my short play through, they prove a fun distraction away from the thrust of the main quest."

To get a brief glimpse on the world of the Nexus, check out our full Wildstar preview from GamesCom 2011.

Carbine Studios' Wildstar MMO Features Innovative Gameplay And Bunny Girls


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