WildStar: NCSoft Announces Ambitious New MMO


Posted August 17, 2011 - By Guest Writer

WildStar: NCSoft Announces Ambitious New MMO

The next great MMO is here, at least according to NCsoft. The German publisher is already boasting Guild Wars 2 on its home turf of gamescom, but now it's finally been revealed what the MMO vets at NCSoft's Californian studio Carbine have been up to for the last four years. The game in question is called WildStar, and it is a fantasy-action MMO with a focus on dynamic and layered content. I'll talk more about what that means in practical terms in my hands-on preview, but for now let's enjoy the rather less complicated trailer which features a purple haired bunny girl and The Thing's long-lost silver twin. 

WildStar Cinematic Announcement Trailer »

The trailer might be a little silly, but Carbine's aims with WildStar are certainly quite serious: "We've learned enough to make the next great MMO," Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney told us yesterday. Have at thee, Guild Wars 2.  

By Sinan Kubba

WildStar: NCSoft Announces Ambitious New MMO


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