Kinect Star Wars Adds Rancor Mode


Posted August 16, 2011 - By Kevin Kelly

Kinect Star Wars is all about fantasy wish fulfillment, and what beastie have you always wanted to emulate from the massive Star Wars universe? Jabba the Hutt? A Tauntaun? The Sarlaac Pit? How about the fearsome Rancor monster from Return of the Jedi? If your wish was that last one, you're in luck because that particular breed of baddie will be part of the game when it launches later this year.

Not only will you be able to romp and stomp around as a Rancor, but you'll also be able to roar, jump, charge and destroy everything in sight. You'll also be able to chow down on everything from Stormtroopers to Jawas to droids, and the Rancor can also go toe to toe with AT-STs and even pull TIE Fighters down out of the sky. I know the Apprentice could yank giant Star Destroyers down out of the sky in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, but he didn't look like a completely badass monster while he did it.

When the mode was unveiled here in Germany, there were adorable little kids bashing things to bits as these creatures. If that's not worth the price of admission to this game, then I'm not sure what is.

Kinect Star Wars Adds Rancor Mode


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