EA Announces FIFA Street


Posted August 16, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

EA Announces FIFA Street

GamesCom is sometimes known as the E3 of Europe, and the conference kicked off this year with a very European announcement. FIFA Street, a street soccer game that is coming early next year.

The idea is to take soccer out of the stadium and bringing it to the streets, and around the world. Developed by EA Canada, FIFA Street promises to show off unique footie styles from around the planet. There will be 35 environments from London to Rio to Barcelona. Top street players were motion captured in and the game will also use the new player impact engine and the precision dribbling engine being that is used in FIFA 12.

"This is the first time our award-winning FIFA development team is creating a street soccer game, and we are going to deliver a level of authenticity never before seen in this genre, along with amazing gameplay," said Matt Bilbey, Vice President and GM of Soccer, EA SPORTS. "FIFA Street will appeal to new fans that are looking for a unique, fun soccer experience, and long-time FIFA fans looking for an authentic street soccer experience with the level of quality that they know and love from the FIFA franchise."

EA Announces FIFA Street


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