Borderlands 2 Weapon Manufacturers Detailed, Exploding Guns Sound Fun


Posted August 15, 2011 - By Adam Rosenberg

Borderlands 2 Weapon Manufacturers Detailed, Exploding Guns Sounds Fun

Gearbox Software revealed in its initial announcement of Borderlands 2 that the game's millions-strong offering of weapons would be brand new, with an addded sense of identity for each firearm based on the company that built it. Those eight manufacturers have been detailed in a new Game Informer feature, with some interesting facts about the new game's weapons emerging in the process.

The most unusual weapons, function-wise, probably come from Tediore, a name you may remember seeing in the first game. The company's guns are compact and easily thrown, which is an important fact to know since chucking a Tediore at a group of enemies will cause it to explode like a grenade, causing more damage if you've got ammo left in the clip. It's not entirely disposable either; after exploding, the weapon's "reload" involves being re-created by your Digistruct.

Bandit is one of the newcomer manufacturers, a company run by the colorful armies of smack-talkers you spent so much time gunning down in the first game. Bandit weapons are pulled together using random junk, so you might see something like a sniper scope made out of an empty glass bottle or a screw serving as iron sights. Vladof, another returning company, is notable for including minigun barrels on all of its weapons as attachments.

You can read about these and the others on Game Informer's website, part of a promised full month of coverage.

Source: Game Informer

Borderlands 2 Weapon Manufacturers Detailed, Exploding Guns Sound Fun


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