Fable: The Journey Has No Melee Combat, And Here's Why


Posted August 11, 2011 - By Adam Rosenberg

Fable: The Journey Inspired In Part By Black & White Creature Relationships

You'd better take out your foes in Fable: The Journey from a distance because you're not going to have a trusty sword to rely on for close combat. Peter Molyneux confirmed as much about the upcoming Kinect game in a recent interview with OXM.

"We could have done melee weapons, but the one thing I hate about melee weapons, and guns as well, is that the human brain is encoded to expect recoil from those things," he said.

"Whenever I swing a sword and I hit something on screen, the visuals and the sound isn't enough. We could have done what Zelda did well on Twilight Princess, where it doesn't really matter what you do, what happens on-screen is the best thing. But I wanted people to feel powerful, to feel power, and that's all about you."

Whenever *I* swing a sword and hit something on the screen, it costs me $1,000 or more to get a new one. I'll admit that I may be doing it wrong though.

You'll only do battle with magic and thrown weapons in Fable: The Journey because, as Molyneux says, "there's nothing encoded in your mind about how it should feel." I disagree there though. Waving your hands around in complex patterns to "make" fake magic feels silly, always.

Source: OXM

Fable: The Journey Has No Melee Combat, And Here's Why


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