Bodycount Offers 'Splosions For Days


Posted August 8, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson


Jake Gaskill likes to kill. We're all terrified of him, honestly, so we try to channel his murderous instincts into video games. In this case: Bodycount from Codemasters. It's a shooter, and Jake, of course, focused on all the things you can blow up in the game, because he's destructive like that.

Witness Jake's loving, detailed, descriptions of glass shattering for a window into his tortured soul (and a look at one of the cool features of Bodycount):

"One of the most satisfying parts of this Target base level was the caliber of the environmental destruction on display, particularly the glass physics, an odd thing to praise I know. However, glass splinters and shatters with stunning realism, and blasting wall panels into shards with a wicked shotgun never ceased to amuse. Clearly, one of the game’s primary goals is to make you feel like you have had a significant impact over your surroundings by way of the weapons in your hand. Whether this highly specific goal can be buttressed and expanded upon throughout the course of the game isn’t clear at this point, but a lot of attention has certainly been paid to it, so hopefully it can pull it off."

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Bodycount Offers 'Splosions For Days