Rage Hands-On: Two Hours Of Violence, Mayhem And Awesomeness


Posted August 2, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson


G4's ace freelancer Adam "The Riveter" Rosenberg got his hands on id's FPS Rage, and spent a good couple hours in its clutches, testing out the game's guns, gawping at the gore, and going for the gold. While it's too early to make a final determination, all signs point to: "This game will take over your life."

Along with the free-form mayhem, Rage also features a stealth mechanic that Adam describes thusly:

"While you can run around with your gun screaming out your location at every turn, stealth is an option as well, at least some of the time. In every mission I played, things eventually got hectic enough that the time for sneaking was clearly done, but your progress can definitely be eased with the careful application of a few silent kills. The gunplay is solid, with hefty weapons delivering the right amount of kick to feel authentic in your character's virtual hands. They seem a little underpowered though, with the enemies you meet soaking up a few too many bullets before they finally go down."

Read the rest of our Rage preview.

Rage Hands-On: Two Hours Of Violence, Mayhem And Awesomeness


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