Chinese Couple Sells Children For Video Game Money


Posted July 26, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

Chinese Couple Sells Children For Video Game MoneyAccording to Chinese newspaper Sanxiang City News (reported by ABC), a gamer couple in Dongguan sold three of their children to get money to play online games in internet cafes.

The couple met back in 2007, hit it off, and had a child. A couple years later, the couple had another baby, a girl, and got the bright idea to sell her. They found a buy who paid them the equivalent of less than $500. After their sales success, the couple then put their first child on the market, and he fetched much more -- around $4600.  The couple, having recognized a good business opportunity, had a third child, and sold him for $4600 as well.

When asked if they missed their children, the parents answered, "We don’t want to raise them, we just want to sell them for some money.”

I understand there are cultural differences between the United States and China, but even so, it seems like a really low price to get for a newborn. I don't think they did as much marketing as they should have. Adopting Chinese babies is big business, and many people in the US are paying up to $50k for adoptable kids.

Also: Be aware that this story might not be true. Chinese newspapers often report things that are, let's say, embellished, and this has the feeling of an urban legend...

Source: ABC

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Chinese Couple Sells Children For Video Game Money


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