Battlefield 3 Gameplay Video Shows Off Weapons, Class Customization


Posted July 26, 2011 - By Adam Rosenberg

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If you're jonesing for access to Battelfield 3's ongoing alpha or upcoming September beta, these videos ought to tide you over, at least for a little while. YourGamingTeam has captured roughly 30 minutes of multiplayer gameplay footage (part two is here) that runs through the class customization features and weapons available in the alpha.

I'll warn you that the narrator isn't the most scintillating speaker, and that he frequently loses focus as he becomes fixated on visual quirks of the alpha or features like vault-jumping. Weapons, though! Yay, weapons! 

Just remember that this is video from an alpha version of BF3, meaning those aforementioned visual quirks will be addressed before release, along with any number of other issues. The narrator also notes that the alpha runs on DirectX 9; the final release will have Dx11 support, so expect it to look quite a bit better on the right rig. Check out the video, broken into two parts, below.

Source: YouTube 1, YouTube 2

Battlefield 3 Gameplay Video Shows Off Weapons, Class Customization