Batman: Arkham City DLC To Continue Batman's Adventures in Gotham?


Posted July 22, 2011 - By Sophie Prell

Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City DLC will make Rocksteady's next Batman game an ongoing one, with players able to download future "episodes." According to whom, you ask? According to none other than Batman himself, of course!

In an interview with site Comic Booked, the voice of the Dark Knight, Kevin Conroy stated his plans for future work. "The thing about Arkham City is that it’s going to be an ongoing game," Conroy said. "You’re going to be able to download future episodes of it, so it’s going to be going on for quite a while. I’ve been recording it for a while. So that will continue."

There's really no other Arkham City news, and Conroy's statements, while cool, are also somewhat vague. After all, this could simply mean more challenge maps. But with the recent reveals of Talia al Ghul and Solomon Grundy in Batman: Arkham City, it seems Rocksteady is more than willing to continue pulling from the rogues gallery.

What do you think? Will we see an extended storyline from Arkham City DLC, or would you actually want more challenge maps instead? Leave your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Booked

Batman: Arkham City DLC To Continue Batman's Adventures in Gotham?


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