Free Indies: Five More Indie Games You Can Play For Free


Posted July 15, 2011 - By Rob Manuel


With Carmageddon happening for real in Los Angeles this weekend, there’s nothing better than spending the whole day kicking back, staying inside and playing some great games. Well, of course things could be better if those games were free. Better still, not having to be stuck in a cubicle when it’s beautiful outside. Okay, I can only do so much. If you’re like me and stuck in the middle of three fake walls, then here are ten great flash games you can play to make the day move just a little faster.



It may just be the first of its kind, a massively passive multiplayer platform game. Edmus pits you against a crowd of faceless blobs as you try to out-jump and out-maneuver your opponents on a randomly generated field. As you run, you can collect flower petals to upgrade your character to jump higher or move faster. The game does a great job of pointing out who’s in the lead of this mass of men running the same course. Quick, simple, and highly addictive; Edmus is everything a flash game should be and more.


Every so often you hit a game that’s so much more than it pretends to be. Alphaland starts out as a quick QA test for a friend’s game before spiraling into a digital rabbit hole. You play with little more than two pixels on a seemingly rudimentary platformer. I’m going to be rather vague about what happens after this since part of the appeal of this game is the unfolding of a story that’s told so well with only the most minimal design. The difficulty ramps up towards the end but Alphaland creates a world you want to explore and a story that makes you want to know how it all ends.

Necronomicon: Book of Dead Names

If you know me by now, then you know that I love all things Lovecraft. I’m also a big fan card games. Someone must have been reading my dream journal because they came up with a Lovecraft Card game. Like most card games, you are playing against an opponent, summoning beasts and trying to bring their life down to zero as quickly as possible. Instead of mana, your sanity is the only resource you have access to. Bigger monsters and spells require more sanity to conjure. Once you run out of mental juice, you lose the game. It’s a delicate balance of attacking, defending, and keeping your sanity in check.

Super Puzzle Platformer

Hey, you got a platformer in my puzzle game! You got a puzzle game in my platformer! And they taste great together, or at least it’s really fun to play. Super Puzzle Platformer works like a color Tetris as you’re trying to eliminate the same color blocks falling from the sky. If the stack gets too high, you lose. Simple enough but the twist here is that you play the game from the inside. Your character runs around shooting the blocks. If the block he’s shooting matches the color of a block touching it, they both disappear and a shower of coins comes from the heavens. Coins build up your blaster as well as keep you alive. There’s also the catch of deadly spikes at the bottom of the level so you have to keep at least one row of colors for you to stand on. Add in the fact that the blocks start to drop faster along with spikes and you get a high octane version of a classic puzzle title.

Merlin’s Revenge

This one’s been kicking around for some time but I have a soft spot for semi-open world magic slinging titles. As Merlin, it’s up to you to collect spells and take out the dreaded Scarlet Wizard. The board is fairly big so each of the three episodes will take you about a day to get through. You start out with little fireballs only to graduate to lightning and summoning spells that you can unleash on your foe's army. There’s a bit of exploration as well as trial and error. One you move to a new screen, Merlin has to wipe out all the monsters before moving on or running away. It’s a fun little flash game that starts you off weak as you work your way up towards becoming a God.

Free Indies: Five More Indie Games You Can Play For Free


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