Terran Vs. Protoss Build Order - StarCraft 2 Tips By CompLexity Drewbie


Posted July 15, 2011 - By Leah Jackson

StarCraft 2 is one of the hardest games to master, so we enlisted the help of CompLexity Gaming's professional SC2 player Drew "Drewbie" Moysey to teach us a solid Terran vs. Protoss build order. This opening build order--a one Barracks fast expansion into four Barracks-- is a safe way to fast expand because it gives you so many units early on in order to both attack and defend. With this build you'll be safe if your opponent is aggressive, and it gives you the ability to pressure the Protoss if he is greedy.

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For a full breakdown of Drewbie's TvP build order, including all of the supply breakdowns, check after the break.

Here are all of the steps that Drewbie goes over in the video:

You can use the same SCV to build the first Supply Depot, the Barracks, the second Supply Depot, and then send it to your expansion to build the Command Center

  • At 10 supply build a Supply Depot
  • At 12 supply build a Barracks
  • At 14 supply send another SCV to scout the Protoss' base
    • What you need to check for is whether or not the Protoss made took two gas and if he was using the energy on his Nexus or if he was saving energy up for Warp Gate. Try and run the SCV out before the Protoss' Stalker finishes. Just do one loop around their base after the cybernetics core finishes and then leave.
  • At 15 supply upgrade your Command Center in to an Orbital Command Center
  • At 16 supply build a Supply Depot
  • At 18 supply build a Command Center at your expansion
  • Once you have 150 minerals upgrade your Command Center in your expansion into an Orbital Command Center
  • At 20 supply build a Bunker
  • Stop Marine production after four Marines to get your second, third, and fourth Barracks up faster
  • Constantly pump SCVs and build the Barracks as soon as you have money
  • At 22 supply build a second Barracks
  • At 23 supply build a third Barracks
  • At 23 supply build a fourth Barracks
  • At 24 supply build a Supply Depot
  • Constantly pump Marines and SCVs until your expansion's Orbita Command Center is finished.
  • Your expansion's Orbital Command Center should finish at about 6 minutes, use the first 50 energy on it to scan your opponents expansion.
    • If the Protoss only has one gas when your SCV leaves then 90% of the time they will be going either four Warp Gate or one gate into an expansion. So once you scan their expansion you will know that they are either A) about to allin you or B) going for a macro game.   
    • If there is no expansion when you scan then pull 6-7 SCVs from your expansion, put them on autorepair, and surround your Bunker. Build one to two more Bunkers and you should be able to easily stop the Protoss' rush.

As soon as you feel safe, take one to two of your gas and start teching. You need to get a Tech Lab on your Barracks and Stim Pack from the Tech Lab with your first 125 gas. After that there's two ways to go: either tech to Medivacs or go for a mass Barracks timing attack. Either one should win the game because you will have a huge economic and tech lead.

If the Protoss went one Gateway into an expansion:

  • You can keep pumping Marines until you have about 16 and then move out to pressure the Protoss.  Around 50 supply and 20~ Marines, cut Marine production and take all four of your gas geysers (at your main and your expansion) at once. You should have around 30 SCVs and tons of money, so start teching hard.
  • You can make three Tech Labs and one Reactor on the Barracks', followed by a Factory as soon as you have enough gas. You should always get a fairly fast Engineering Bay as well to start +1 weapons. Also, build one Turret at your expansion to deny Observer scouting as well as Dark Templars. If all goes well you should be able  to pressure the Protoss with the 20ish marines and gain an economic advantage because they will be forced to spend their chronoboost on their gateway units rather than Probes while you are macroing and teching.

If the Protoss had two gas and when you scan they do not have an expansion:

  • You shouldn't be worried about a four Gateway allin, but theres a few routes that the Protoss could take. Most likely they would be going three Gateway, Voidray, Dark Templar, or a three Gateway and Robotics Bay timing attack.  If one of these timing attacks are coming, you can stop it pretty easily. First you have to get an Engineering Bay and start making Bunkers as soon after the scan wears off. 
  • These types of timing attacks hit around eight minutes so you need to be prepared.  Start one or two refineries and get Stim Pack as soon as possible. Also, make sure you have a Turret up at your expansion and in your main to fight off Dark Templars. It's also good to get Combat Shields fast as well, and a few Marauders really help a lot.  Once you have survived the timing attack and have Combat Shields and Stim PacK you can counter attack and should be way ahead in economy, allowing you to win the game.

What's great about this build is that it gives you a huge economic lead. Depending on what you scout, you'll be prepared for every situation.

For even more tips from coL.Drewbie check out his Terran vs. Zerg build order and his Terran vs. Terran build order. If you want even more StarCraft 2 tips and tricks with a private lesson from coL.Drewbie, check him out on Gosucoaching. Also, let me know which other pros you'd like to see tips and strategies from in the comments.

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Terran Vs. Protoss Build Order - StarCraft 2 Tips By CompLexity Drewbie


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