Fresh Ink And Graphicly Give You Free Comics!

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Posted July 14, 2011 - By Frank Meyer

Fan-favorite Attack of the Show! segment Fresh Ink and G4TV.com’s award-winning webseries, Fresh Ink Online with Blair Butler have teamed up with comics website Graphicly to allow viewers to read their favorite comic books online for free, or purchase the comic book to add to their collection.

Utilizing the embeddable comic book reader from Graphicly, Butler, host of the multiple Telly Award winning and Webby Honoree webseries Fresh Ink Online, will pick one comic book each week that will be made available at our site. Butler will be able to share the comics she reviews and discusses on Attack of the Show!'s Fresh Ink and G4tv.com's Fresh Ink Online with G4 viewers (hey, that's you!) and allow fans to discover great new stories and incredible comic book talent.


Fresh Ink And Graphicly Give You Free Comics!