Terran Vs Terran Build Order - StarCraft 2 Tips By CompLexity Drewbie


Posted July 13, 2011 - By Leah Jackson

StarCraft 2 is one of the hardest games to master, so we enlisted the help of CompLexity Gaming's professional SC2 player Drew "Drewbie" Moysey to teach us a solid Terran vs. Terran build order. This opening build order is very strong because it gives the player map control in the early game. With good scouting intel you'll have the abilitiy to be aggressive and react to what your opponent is doing later on in the game.

StarCraft 2 "Terran vs Terran" Build Order Guide »

For a full breakdown of Drewbie's TvT build order, including all of the supply breakdowns, check after the break.

Here are all of the steps that Drewbie goes over in the video:

  • At 10 supply build a Suppy Depot
  • At 12 supply build a Barracks
  • At 13 supply build a Refinery
  • At 15 supply upgrade your Command Center into an Orbital Command Center
  • Pump marines non-stop from Barracks
  • At 18 supply build a Factory
  • At 20 supply build your second Refinery
  • At 23 supply build a Supply Depot
  • Build a Starport right when your Factory finishes (around 23 supply)
  • Build 3 hellions in a row from your Factory
  • Build a medivac from your Starport right when it finishes
  • At 6:20 when your Orbital Command Center hits 50 energy scan your opponent, it's the perfect timing to see their tech choice
  • Move out into map with 8 marines + 3 hellion + 1 medivac
  • After you build 3 hellions make a Tech Lab on your Factory
  • After 1 medivac make a Tech Lab on your Starport

The 8 marine 3 hellion 1 medivac push should be stronger than any units they can have at the time so go up to their ramp and try to scout out their unit composition.

Now you have to react to what your opponent is doing:

  • If they are going banshees then go home and use the marines and medivac to defend your workers while making a raven from your Starport.
  • If they fast expanded try to harass with a hellion drop and go for cloak banshee to harass them while expanding yourself
  • If they are going tank/marine then make tanks and banshees or tanks and medivacs
  • If they are being passive and trying to macro then make a Command Center asap to keep up with them economically

You can also you can drop hellions in the back of their base and try to kill scvs plus scout at the same time. Alternatively, you can swap the Barracks with the Factory's Tech Lab and make a Reactor with the Factory while upgrading stim pack on the Barracks. You can then make a 2nd Barracks to swap onto the Factory's Reactor and then go marine, medivac, tank.

What's great about this build is that depending on how you like to play, either macro style or aggressive, there are so many different ways to go after this opener based on what you scout.

For even more tips from coL.Drewbie check out his Terran vs. Zerg build order. Plus, be sure to check back on Friday for another tip video featuring Drewbie's Terran vs. Protoss build order. If you want even more StarCraft 2 tips and tricks with a private lesson from coL.Drewbie, check him out on Gosucoaching.

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Terran Vs Terran Build Order - StarCraft 2 Tips By CompLexity Drewbie


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