Batman: Arkham City Riddler Trailer


Posted July 11, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

It's time to check out the first video appearance of The Riddler in Batman: Arkham City, via the below video:

Batman: Arkham City "The Riddler" Trailer »

 You'll want to rewind a few times to pick up the clues.

"What are these clues you speak of?" you may be asking. Hit the "Read More" tag for an explanation to that riddle.

The new Riddler trailer is more than just a video; it's also a riddle, and contains clues galore, for instance, those flashes of text. They read:

ridd(9)le m(1)e t(13)his Wh(2)at doe(5)s (20)it t(20)ake t(5)o kee(18)p a(20) Shar(8)p Pup(1)pet o(14)n (25)a Str(15)ange str(21)ing?

Using my amazing skillz as a codebreaker, I have determined that if you substitute the letter of the alphabet that corresponds to the parenthetical numbers, you'll get a special message, and it's not "Drink more Ovaltine..."

There is a more complicated puzzle embedded within the same text (or elsewhere in the video, perhaps?), and Rocksteady is encouraging fans to work it out on their forums, promising a reward when the answer is posted. Join the fun on the Arkham City forums.

Batman: Arkham City Riddler Trailer