Green Lantern "Fight For The Light" DLC Coming To DC Universe Online


Posted July 11, 2011 - By Kevin Kelly

During Sony Online Entertainment's Fan Faire, creative director Jens Andersen outlined the plans for a big Green Lantern content update coming to DC Universe Online later this summer in the form of the first download pack for the game called "Fight For The Light." It will bring light powers to the game for the first time so players can fight with constructs, will introduce classic Lanterns Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner, and much more. 

Green Lantern DLC Comic To DC Universe Online: Fight For The Light

At launch, DCUO burst onto the scene with plenty of the classic heroes represented in the game, but the Lanterns were facing a problem with waning powers and the different parts of the emotional spectrum were being drained. Now you'll finally be investigating what's going on, while outfitting your characters with rings and powers of their own. Light attacks are represented in the form of constructs, which you'll be able to level up and customize. You can also use them to string combos together, resulting in more advanced forms during your battles.

The game will allow you to re-spec your existing characters, or you can start a new character with light powers. Heroes will get the green "Will" power, while villains will wield the yellow "Fear" powers. Each power has 24 different abilities in it, and those are what are represented in construct form. For instance, a villain might attack with a yellow chainsaw, while a hero can encase you in a bright green baseball, and then use a baseball bat to knock you out of the battle area. Different classic Lanterns will use their powers in different manners as well. For instance, Hal will create green jets that go on strafing runs, while Guy Gardner will summon a locomotive to bash into his foes.

Green Lantern DLC Comic To DC Universe Online: Fight For The Light

You'll collect different constructs throughout the pack, and each of those weapons have their own combos within them. Those can also be strung together, so you can switch from mode to mode and learn deep combos that can be pulled off if you switch powers/modes at the right time. Although the trailer we saw was very brief, it did show off chainsaws, Gatling guns, jets, locomotives, and more, and there are plenty of additional constructs yet to be revealed. The ring also layers onto your existing character, meaning it's added as a power and can be switched to as needed. For instance, you can still fight primarily with a bow, but then swap to your ring when you need it.

The fact that new Lanterns are popping up all over the place has been explained in the pack as well, with characters becoming "reservists" rather than full Green Lantern Corps members. That keeps the lore of Green Lantern intact, while explaining why there are suddenly rings all over the place. If you've been following the DC Comics universe in the comic pages recently, then you know that all of the emotional rings have grown increasingly important throughout the books, and the game is reflecting that.

Green Lantern DLC Comic To DC Universe Online: Fight For The Light

There are new arenas within the pack as well, and this expansion will add three new alerts where four players can band together and compete. While the initial game focused on Earth and terra firma locations like Metropolis and Gotham City, "Fight For The Light" will take you to Star Labs, Coast City, and even OA itself. So, you'll be heading off-planet for the first time, which should open up all sorts of possibilities later down the line.

At the beginning of the pack, characters find out that Braniac has set up a logic battery and is siphoning off portions of the emotional spectrum. You'll fight through Star Labs and encounter Braniac and his Logic Lanterns in order to restore powers to the different cores. You'll also visit Hal Jordan's hometown, Coast City, which is available as a Duo, and you'll encounter the Red Lanterns, led by Atrocitus. There, you'll also see familiar locations like Ferris Aircraft, and you'll also see other familiar faces like Vice, Amon Sur, and others.

Green Lantern DLC Comic To DC Universe Online: Fight For The Light

New packs mean new loot as well, and there will be a Green Lantern suit and a Yellow Sinestro suit available as loot drops during the game. Both "Fight For The Light" and the game's Update #4, which brings the Fortress of Solitude and other content to the game, will be launching later this summer. Update #4 will be free for subscribers, while the Green Lantern "Fight For The Light" DLC will be available for $9.99. We'll be seeing more of both at Comic-Con next week, so stay tuned for additional news soon.

Green Lantern "Fight For The Light" DLC Coming To DC Universe Online


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