Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 Challenges Cheat Guide


Posted July 12, 2011 - By Kevin Kelly

Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 Challenge Cheat Guide

Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 is chock full of challenges, just like the last version of the game. Some of these were designed to test your skill with mana and card management, while others were created simply to make you bang your head against your console until you destroy the motherboard with your skull.

Luckily, we're here with a guide that will teach you what to tap and when, and how to magic your way past the other Planewalkers. Read on for our full guide to the Challenges in MTG: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012, then get out there and tap some mana.

Although here, they also play out across Here are the walkthroughs for each challenge. After the walkthrough you'll find an explanation of why the walkthrough works. What's the point in beating the challenges if you don't know how you won, right?

Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 Challenges Cheat Guide



While not a challenge, playing the tutorial will get you up to speed on Duels 2012 quickly, and will let you see the changes in the interface in case you played the original game. It's been vastly streamlined, and you'll understand the differences quickly if you run through a hand or two. 

Rumble in the Jungle

  • You start this challenge with a Gloomhunter, Barony Vampire and Runeclaw Bear on the table. Garruk is showing a Stomper Cub. Both of you only have two Life left.
  • Garruk Wildspeaker will attack you with Stomper Cub. This 5/3 creature has Trample.
  • Block the Cub with your Barony Vampire (3/2) and your Runeclaw Bear (2/2)
  • This will kill all three creatures involved and pass one damage from the Cub's Trample attack on to you, but will also end Garruk's turn.
  • Attack with Gloomhunter. With nothing left to block, this flying 2/1 creature takes Garruk down to zero, handing you the victory.

In the Spider's Web   

  • This challenge begins with two Furnace Whelps (one tapped, one untapped), two Cinder Walls, and four Mountain lands on the table in front of you. Kiora Atua has a Storm Crow, and a Giant Spider. However, she has six life, while you only have one.
  • Kiora starts things off by attack with Storm Crow. This 1/2 creature has Flying. So...
  • Block it with your untapped Furnace Whelp. Don't activate its special ability! Her turn ends, and her Storm Crow has flown the coop.
  • Attack with both Furnace Whelps. But when she blocks one of them, stop the timer and then use the other one's ability to add +1/+0 with each mountain you tap. Ramp it up to 6/2.
  • The Giant Spider has Reach and can block Flying. But because you can bump up your Furnace Whelp, you just need to see who she will block and then put the other one over the top.

With Fire and Sword   

  • Challenge starts with three Island lands and a Trusty Machete on your table, and one Kor Duelist in your hand. Chandra Nalaar has four Mountains and a tapped Lightning Elemental.
  • You start this time around, so play your Kor Duelist and equip him with the Trusty Machete, making the Duelist 3/2. Then your turn ends.
  • Chandra's Elemental (4/1 with Haste) untaps and she draws and plays another Mountain. Then the Elemental attacks.
  • Block with your Kor Duelist (naturally). Since he's equipped, he now gets Double Strike and send the Elemental to the Graveyard.
  • Chandra has six health left, but since she has nothing left to block with, and your Duelist has Double Strike, that's all she wrote.

Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 Challenges Cheat Guide

Death Blooms   

  • At the beginning of this duel, you have a Zombie Outlander and a Cudgel Troll on the table, while Nissa Revane shows a tapped Gaea's Revenge and a Mortivore. She has two life, while you have four.
  • Nissa starts first and attacks with both creatures. These are particularly nasty, as the 8/5 Gaea's Revenge cannot be countered, has Haste, and can't be the target of nongreen spells or abilities. The Mortivore has a Power/Toughness equal to the number of creature cars in all Graveyards, giving it 10/10.
  • Play your Cudgel Troll's Regenerate ability, and then block the Mortivote with the troll and Gaea's Revenge with your Zombie Outlander. All creatures survive, but your Troll is now tapped and at 4/3, while the Zombie is at 2/2. Nissa's Revenge and her Mortivore are both tapped.
  • Nissa plays two Leatherback Baloths, and both have 4/5. Then her turn ends.
  • You can attack with both of your creatures, but Nissa will block your Troll with one of her Baloths. However, the Outlander has protection from Green. Since Nissa only has untapped Green creatures left, she can't block and the 2/2 attack. Hence, you win!

Lust for Blood

  • You start off with eight life, while Garruk only has one, but you have to hold off a lot to survive this Challenge. Luckily, you're armed with a Vampire Nighthawk (4/3 with Flying, Deathtouch, Lifelink) on the table, who is Equipped with Sword of Vengeance which adds +2/+0, First Strike, Vigilance, Trample, and Haste. Garruk meanwhile has three Giant Spiders (2/4) with Reach and a Terra Stomper 8/8 with Trample, and it can't be countered.
  • Garruk will attack with his Terra Stomper, and you need to counter with your Vampire. First Strike and Deathtouch means the Stomper is no more.
  • On your turn, attack with your Vampire. Garruk will block using each Giant Spider, and will do one damage to each with Deathtouch adding the killing blow. Your one leftover point will Trample through to kill Garruk. Sweet victory!

Welcome to the Pit

  • In the Pit, you start with with only one life, while Sarkhan Vol has 10. Ward him off and defeat him to win. You show Two Bloodthrone Vampires (1/1), one Death Cultist (1/1), one Lord of the Pit (a particularly nasty 7/7 that requires you to sacrifice another creature each upkeep or else he deals seven damage to you, also has Flying and Trample), and a tapped Mortivore. There's also a Mortal Combat card on the table that states if you have 20 or more creatures in the Graveyard, you win.
  • Sarkhan shows a Colossus of Sardia (9/9 with Trample), two Craw Wurms (6/4), and a Raging Goblin (1/1 with Haste). Looks like you've got your work cut out for you.
  • Sarkhan attacks with everything he has, so here's where you need to be careful. 
  • Block his Colossus with a Vampire.
  • Block the other creatures with a single creature on each.
  • Then, continue but stop the timer immediately and use your Vampire's special ability to sacrifice other creatures in your hand to give it +2/+2. Destroy everything you have and buff that vampire to 9/9.
  • In Magic, whenever you state a blocker, but that blocker gets destroyed before the attacker can battle it, that attacker battles nothing, dealing no damage. Lucky for you! The round ends, you're still alive, and you win.

Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 Challenges Cheat Guide

Master of Illusions

  • You start this round with one life while Jace Beleren has five. But if you work the cards correctly, you'll come out on top.
  • You have nine lands on the table, and a Spellbook artifact that lets you have no maximum hand size. That's good, because you're holding an Island, three Phantasmal Bears, a Dreamborn Muse, an Air Elemental, a Confiscate aura, an Into the Roll instant, an Evacuation instant, a Preordain sorcery, and a Time Warp sorcery.
  • But Jace isn't empty-handed. He has an Aether Adept, a Harbor Serpent (5/5 with Islandwalk), a Phyrexian Walker (0/3), and your Krovikan Mist under Mind Control. 
  • Start things off by playing that Island, then Preordain and discard both the cards you'll peek at from the top of your deck. You'll get Summoner's Bane in your hand.
  • Then you should play Into the Roll, which returns a target nonland permanent to its owner's hand. If you Kick it, then you'll also get to draw a card. Play it and target Jace's Mind Control, but don't kick it. It's controlling your Krovikan Mist, so you'll get it back.
  • After that, play the Time Warp (target yourself, natch) which will give you an extra turn after this one.
  • Play Two Phantasmal Bears, and then it's your turn all over again.
  • Play your third Bear.
  • Next, play the Dreamborn Muse. At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player has to put the top X casrds of his or her library into his or her graveyard, where X is the number of cards in his or her hand. Immediately after you set her down, stop the timer!
  • Use Summoner's Bane to counter your Dreamborn Muse. Yes, it sounds nuts, but just do it. You'll get a new 2/2 Illusion creature, which will add +1/+1 to your Krovikan Mist.
  • Attack with that Mist. He's flying, can't be countered, and has 5/5 which will defeat Jace.

Bane of Bolas

  • You start off with five Life while Nocal Bolas has 10. When the game starts, it's your turn and you have a Spellbound Dragon (3/5 Flying) and Thunder Dragon (5/5 Flying) on the table, and a ton of Islands and Mountains in your hand, along with a Chain Reaction sorcery, an Aether Tradewinds instant, and a Plasma Elemental.
  • Nicol Bolas shows an Abyssal Gatekeeper (1/1), a Blood Tyrant (9/9 with Flying and Trample), a Cackling Fiend (2/1), and a Mnemonic Wall (0/4) on the table. 
  • Play your Aether Tradewinds, and return one of your Mountains to your hand, and Bolas' Blood Tyrant.
  • Attack with both of your dragons. You'll have to discard a card in your hand when the Spellbound Dragon strikes. Toss away the Plasma Elemental. That will boost your Spellbound's power up to 9 with the Plasma Elemental's mana cost being converted to Power.
  • Since you've taken care of Bolas' Flying Blood Tyrant, he can't black and you've boosted your Dragon enough to kill him with both attacks.

Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 Challenges Cheat Guide

Desperate Measures

  • Deparate Measures pits you against Sorin Markov. He has five life, and you only have three. Markov has Akroma, Angel of Wrath (6/6 Flying, First Strike, Vigilance, Trample, Hate, Protection from Black and Red, and Kitchen Sink (just about) on the table. He also has Lich's Tomb, which keeps you from losing the game if you have zero life or lower.
  • On your side, you have Steel Hellkite (5/5 Flying), and Sundering Titan (7/10). The Titan is equipped with two Relic Bane enchantments that require you to pay two life during upkeep. Ouch. You have Duplicant (2/4 with a special Imprint ability), a Precursor Golem (3/3), and a Fleeting Distraction instant in your hand. You also have a Quicksilver Amulet on the table, and that's your first play.
  • Immediately stop the timer and use the Quicksilver Amulet to put the Duplicant from your hand onto the field. Use it to target your own Sundering Titan, and then destroy one of Markov's Plain lands, one of your tapped Islands, and one of his Swamps.
  • This gets rid of your Titan with those two Banes, so you won't have to worry about killing yourself. 
  • Activate Quicksilver Amulet and summon Duplicant. Target Sundering Titan. Destroy one of his Plains, one of your tapped Islands, and one of his Swamps.  Markov's turn ends.
  • Activate the Amulet again and summon the Precursor Golem from your hand. You'll get two 3/3 Golem creatures with him.
  • Use Fleeting Distraction, and target your own Precursor Golem. A lot of stuff will happen, resulting in your Golems losing one power each, but you get to draw a card for each one, giving you three new cards.
  • Play Show and Tell, which will allow you to play your Icy Manipulator artifact.
  • Play an Island, and then your Mox Sapphire artifact land.
  • Play your Mox Sapphire, which is an Artifact land.
  • Activate the Icy Manipulator, which taps a target artifact, creature, or land. Use it to tap Akroma.
  • Attack with your Steel Hellkite, and immediate after he deals damage, stop the timer and use his second special ability to destroy nonland permanents with converted mana cost X. Pay 4 mana, and you win by destorying his infernal Lich's Tomb.

The Tangled Vale

  • It's you against Nissa Revane, and she has 22 Life to your 7.  But, the game ain't over yet. 
  • You show two Bloodghasts (2/1 - Haste if you have 10 or less life), while Nissa has an entire arsenal readied up on her side. Things look dire, but don't give up hope.
  • Use the Sign in Blood sorcery from your hand on Nissa Revane. She'll have to draw two cards, but also two life, taking her down to 20.
  • Since she now has a beefed up hand (nine cards right now), cast Sudden Impact on Nissa Revane her, dealing damage equal to the number of cards she's holding. Now she's at 11.
  • Cast Sickening Dreams. You'll have to discard your three remaining cards. This will deal three damage to each creature and each player. This will clear the playfield, except for Nissa's tapped Darksteel Colossus.
  • Activate your Terramorphic Expanse and bring out any land card.
  • Since your Bloodghasts have Landfall, they can return from the Graveyard when you play a land. Put all four Bloodghasts back into play.
  • Since they now have Haste because her health is under 10, attack with all four and you've won the game. 

Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 Challenges Cheat Guide

Master Your Destiny

  • Jace Beleren and you again, and this time he have three life while you have four. You have a Djinn of Wishes (4/4 Flying) on your table, but he's enchanted by a Pacifism enchatment that stops him from attacking. Jace shows an Illusionary Servant (3/4 Flying), a Cloud Elemental (2/3 Flying), and an Air Elemental (4/4 Flying). He also has a Leyline of Sanctity enchantment on the table, which makes him hexproof.
  • The game helps you out by telling you that you need to cast Index first. So that's a no-brainer. Play an Island, and then the Index from your hand that allows you to look at the top five cards on your library and put them back in any order.
  • Here's the order you'll want: Tranquility, Erratic Explosion, Borgardan Hellkite, Island, Coiling Oracle. Stack them up just like that.
  • Play the Bloodbraid Elf (3/2 with Haste and Cascade) from your hand. Her Cascade ability will bring out the Island and the Coiling Oracle you just placed.
  • Activate your Djinn's special ability to remove the one Wish counter on him and use it to reveal the top card of your Library. That brings up the Bogardan Hellkite you placed, and you can now put it into play at no mana cost.
  • Use your Hellkite to deal one damage to the Illusionary Servant, and four to the Air Elemental.
  • Attack with your Bloodbraid Elf. Since the Cloud Elemental cannot block a non-flying creature, you deal three damage to Jace and win.

Plots within Plots

  • Now it's you against Karn, and he has 12 Life to your 6. You have nine Mountains and 8 islands on the table, but nothing else. He shows Darksteel Colossus (11/11 with Trample). But, you have a few tricks up your sleeve.
  • Play Gifts Ungiven, which lets you search your library for four cards with different names that you then have to reveal. Choose: Borgardan Hellkite, Intuition, Dragonstorm, and Gifts Ungiven.
  • Karn will discard Dragonstorm and Bogardan Hellkite, but you get to put the other two into your hand.
  • Play Intuition. You'll get to select three cards and your opponent chooses one to go into your hand while the rest go into your Graveyard. In a sneaky move, choose the three Flame Bursts you have.
  • Play Gifts Ungiven again, and this time pick Dragonstorm, Grapeshot, Blaze, and Flame Burst. You'll get to keep Grapeshot and Flameburst while he discards the rest.
  • Play your Flame Bursts against Karn. They will deal two plus the number of cards named Flame Burst in all Graveyards worth of damage. That'll take him down to three.
  • Play Grapeshot, which allows you to target multiple times due to its Storm feature. You win!

Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 Challenges Cheat Guide


Might of the Mountains

  • This challenge pits you, Koth, and Chandra Nadaar againdst Garruk Wildspeaker. Chandra has ten life, Koth has 20, and you're showing four against Garruk's 11. Garruk also has a lot of powerful creatures stacked up against you, while you and your allies are looking fairly weak. 
  • It's your turn, so start by playing Flight on Koth's Ashen Monstrosity, which tosses that 7/4 creature into the air.
  • They cast Earthquake from your hand, and pay five mana towards its damage. This will destroy all of the creatures on the table except one of Garruk's. You'll also die in the process.
  • However, since you're now dead that removes your Flight and drops Ashen Monstrosity back to the ground.
  • Garruk's remaining Statozeppelid can only block other creatures with flying, and since Garruk is at six life after the quake, the Ashen Monstrosity easily dispatches him.

Kiss of Death

  • After a long battle against Sorin Markov, you and your allies are weak and depleted. You only have one life left, just like Liliana Vess, while Gideon Jura has six. Sorin likewise is at six, but he has a ton of creatures on the board, including four that have six power or more, and three of those are flyers.
  • Play your Hunter's Feast to boost everyone up by six life. Gideon's other enchantment's boost him to 30 life.
  • Play a land and then cast Lure on Liliana's Deathcurse Ogre, which will draw the attention of Sorin's creatures.
  • Use the special ability on your Legacy's Allure that is on the table, discarding the card and gaining control of a creature equal or less than the number of treasure counters on Legacy's Allure. Legacy has five counters on it, so take control of the Death's Shadow belonging to Sorin.
  • Head into your combat phase and attack with your controlled Death's Shadow, which has been boosted to 6/6. Your allies will also attack.
  • Stop the timer and then cast Giant Growth on Gideon's Serra Angel. 
  • Also use the special ability of your Fires of Yavimaya on the table. This will sacrifice the card but boost your Death's Shadow additionally to 8/8. Attack, and your allies do the same.
  • All of Sorin's creatures blocks the Ogre, thanks to Lure, and he gains some life thanks to Lifelink.
  • However, your boosted Death's Shadow and Gideon's Serra Angel give you more than enough strength to off him. Victory!

Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 Challenges Cheat Guide

Seek No Longer

  • Ready for your final challenge?  This pits you, Nissa Revane, and Ajani Goldmane against Tezzeret. Nissa has 25 life, you have 24, and Ajani is bringing up the rear with six. But Tezzeret himself only has 13. You and Ajani have a decent host of creatures on the board, as does Tezzeret. Nissa is creatureless, but she has some powerful spells in play on the board. This might seem a bit complicated, but it's not that bad. Just pay attention.
  • Play Wheel of Fortune. This causes everyone to discard their hands and draw seven new cards. This unfortunately eliminates Ajani as he doesn't have seven cards in his deck, but elimination him takes off his two Oblivion Rings holding Tezzeret's Phyrexian Tyranny and Kokusho, the Evening Star. Those go back to his control.
  • Since he has played another Kokusho already, and you can't have two Legendary cards of the same type on the table, both of them are sent packing to the graveyard.
  • Tezzeret gains 10 life from each Kokusho before this happens, however, boosting him to 33. Seem dire? Keep hope alive, true believer!
  • Attack with Dragon Mage. Since Tezzeret has no more flying creatures, he can't block the attack. That takes him down to 28.
  • Dragon Mage causes everyone to discard and draw seven all over again, and this is where things turn genius.
  • Since Phyrexian Tyranny is now back under Tezzeret's control, he has to pay two life, or two mana, for each card he draws. Those seven new cards take him down to 14, as he has no mana left.
  • When you die, your Faceless Butcher is removed and sends Tezzeret's Whirlpool Dragon back to his side. You can opt to pay two mana seven times for that card.
  • Which means he has to shuffle his hand into his library and draw seven more times and pay the remaining life for those cards. More than enough to kill him.
  • You'll have to eliminate yourself in this process while Nissa survives thanks to her remaining life and her Nefarious Lich card in play. But regardless, your side wins!
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 Challenges Cheat Guide


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