Little Deviants: Mini-Games, Mini-Games, Mini-Games!


Posted July 6, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

Little Deviants

At the just passed E3 2011 convention, we got our hands on PlayStation Vita title Little Deviants. Judging from our hands-on time, this silly mini-game collection is not going to change anyone's life, but it's designed to show off the unique capabilities of Sony's new system. Here's a taste of the preview:

"The final game is to include over 30 mini-games. In my hands-on time, I got to test four of them. The first was called 'Botz Blast,' and it was an augmented reality game about shooting robots chasing the deviants. It operated like the 3DS's Face Raiders, in which you view the world through a camera and aim by moving the system around. Unlike Face Raiders, Little Deviants also uses the touch screen. When robots squirt slime at you, you have to manually wipe it off the screen. Doing so was as strangely gratifying as wiping a windshield with a squeegee."

Read the rest of our Little Deviants preview.

Little Deviants: Mini-Games, Mini-Games, Mini-Games!


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