Elder Scrolls 4 Mod Turns Oblivion Into Andoran: Nuggets From The Net


Posted July 6, 2011 - By Adam Rosenberg

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Skyrim, the latest entry in Bethesda Softworks' Elder Scrolls series, will finally be unleashed later this year, on November 11. You might not be waiting that long to venture back to the land of Tamriel again, however. Andoran: Prologue is a full conversion mod for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion which is set for release in the second half of 2011, according to the mod's official website.

Andoran is a much more full-featured mod than you're probably used to seeing, even with a game like Oblivion that has attracted such a large community of hobbyist programmers. You're basically looking at a total transformation of the game, with a new land to explore -- the island of Andoran, south of the Black Marsh -- along with a completely original story that builds on the series' previously established lore. Also, you can hog-tie people now.
The story hasn't been fully detailed, but it sounds like it will revolve, at least in part, around a mysterious region known as the Axis. Based on what the mod's website says, you'll be able to encounter some wild things here, such as living cheese, talking rats or your own character.
You can see a little bit of the weirdness in the above trailer (watch for horses walking on water). The trailer is in Russian, but the beautiful visuals -- Oblivion wasn't this gorgeous, right? -- are universal. It's clear that a lot of work went into creating this mod, an even more impressive fact when you consider that it's going to be free to download and use with your legally purchased (PC-only, 'natch) copy of TES IV.
Source: Andoran
Elder Scrolls 4 Mod Turns Oblivion Into Andoran: Nuggets From The Net


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