Free Indies: Five Indie Games You Can Play For Free


Posted July 5, 2011 - By Rob Manuel

There’s nothing better than spending the whole day kicking back and playing some great games. Well, things could be better if those games were for free. Better still, not having to be stuck in a cubical when it’s beautiful outside. Okay, I can only do so much. If you’re like me and stuck in the middle of three fake walls, then here are ten great flash games you can play to make the day move just a little faster.


From the makers of Don’t Shit Your Pants – and how awesome is it to be known for that – comes tower defense with a twist. You play as the swarming horde. The concept has been tried before, but the boys here really nailed it by keeping your group down to only a couple of minions at a time. Not only do you have a limited train of terror, but the crew runs through the gauntlet over and over again. They get weaker while the towers get stronger. It’s a losing battle that rewards you with just enough points to upgrade your army with new units, stronger auras to shield or heal your fellow minions, and magic spells to take out those hard hitting towers. Villainous feeds you just enough to keep your blood lust moving and your minions dying.

Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure

If you don’t immediately like this game, then you have no soul. Just thought you should know. Go on. Test out your soul-baring skills against this point and click adventure game created and designed by a five-year old and her programming father. Try not to fall in love with little Sissy’s exuberant narration or playful logical that can only come from someone so young. You need to capture five ponycorns, the magical combination of both pony and unicorn. Oh yes, you cannot handle the amount of adorable oozing out of every hand-drawn frame of this game. As you would expect, you’re not going to be taxing your logic centers to get through this short adventure, but it's still fun. In sort, anyone with the ability to feel emotions should give this little gem a spin.

Mike Shadow: I Paid For It

We face many adversaries in life – zombies, Hitler, um…. Zombie Hitler. There is finally a game that lets us take on one adversary so devious and diabolical that many have faced him and few have been able to overcome. I’m talking about the vending machine that takes your money but won’t give you anything in return. We have one here. I still give it money. I’m a failure as a human being. But finally I can get a little taste of satisfaction with this new flash game. Through minimal design, Mike Shadow presents a very slick series of animations as you shake, attack, and throw everything at this one vending machine. As you build up your stress level, you unlock stronger attacks but you only have limited amount of patience – your resource for all your attacks. Play your moves right and you’ll earn a little change to buy new moves, skills, or bonuses to make laying down the pain that much easier.

Racing Comrade!

Who wins in a communist race? Everyone wins! Racing Comrade takes a different approach to the racing genre by mixing in a little humor and strategy with racing. Your bobble-head character runs automatically which gives you time to focus on all your special abilities and your stamina. Catching your breath may slow you down, but the extra stamina you gain lets you sprint into the lead. You can also buy special moves such as saluting, taunting, or shivving your equals in the race. With every race, you win a little money to increase your abilities. Everyone wins in the end – but some win more than others.

Dinosaur Zookeeper

Let’s face it; Jurassic Park was never going to work out. Dinosaur Zookeeper proves it. All you need to do is to provide a very safe and entertaining experience by presenting often-dangerous beasts to a helpless public. Pick your dino and cage him up. But then you need to start to figure out what the dinosaur likes. Some beasts want a huge cage, others can’t be near herbivores, and some just don’t like people all that much. But you can be assured of one thing – they’re going to go nuts sooner or later. You’ll need to throw down some fence or bullets to keep those dinos in check. With the extra money you earn from all of your (live) visitors, you can buy better fences, a little defense for when they go crazy, and even books for the visitors so they don’t get so close to the very angry dinosaurs. These must be some amazing books. And just like in the movie, it only takes a second for everything to go south.

Free Indies: Five Indie Games You Can Play For Free


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