Skyrim Info Dump: Bethesda Talks Beards, Dragon-Transformation And More


Posted July 5, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson


There is no game I'm more looking forward to than Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. All I want is more hours in the day this fall, when the game comes out, so I'll have enough time to truly experience the game. Game Director Todd Howard, Lead Designer Bruce Nesmith, and Lead Artist Matt Carofano answered fans' questions in a triple-team, forum Interview of Amazingness, +3.

The big question is asked upfront: "Will the character be able to change into certain creature?"

Answer: "We’ve done various things like that in our previous games, and it’s something that we probably won’t be talking about specifically on this one. Don’t read anything into that, we just prefer to not discuss this one. We’d like to leave that an open question until the game is out."

I'm going to read "yes" into that.

The interview goes into pretty deep detail on the game's character cosmetics (Beards! Scars! Face Paint! -- It sounds like an Insane Clown Posse show!), as well as the structure of quests ("The quest structure in Skyrim is closer to Oblivion than Fallout 3, in that there are many more quests, but they have fewer branches."), and a lot more.

The readers also asked about a few items from Morrowind that were not in Oblivion. Sorry, fans of spears, "medium" armor and Mark and Recall spells; these won't be available in Skyrim for various reasons. You can read the interview to see exactly why.

Overall, the level of thought and detail that is obviously going into this game has me very, very confident... but you really need to see the video to "get it."  Check it out:

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Gameplay Trailer »

Skyrim Info Dump: Bethesda Talks Beards, Dragon-Transformation And More


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