Battlefield 3 Will Feature Team Deathmatch And Infantry-Only Matches


Posted July 5, 2011 - By Adam Rosenberg

Battlefield 3

The first of a series of "Battleblogs" has been posted on Electronic Arts' Battlefield 3 website, with lead multiplayer designer Lars Gustavsson offering a few details on the October 25 release's multiplayer. The underlying idea behind all of the team's efforts is pretty simple: "We're not telling you how to play the game," Gustavsson writes. "You choose."

In the case of Battlefield 3's multiplayer, choice involves giving people a wider range of options to choose from when they want to shoot virtual people online. One example is the return of Team Deathmatch, a game type which has been absent from the series since Battlefield 1942. Players will also be able to opt for infantry-only matches, which cut vehicles out of the battlefield. The expected Conquest and Rush modes will be back as well, but that too ties in with the idea of giving players more flexibility.

Gustavsson is careful to note that there's more to come beyond confirmation of TDM and infantry-only matches. Additional Battlefield 3 multiplayer details are promised soon, with more multiplayer modes and "new features that change how you can play the game" still to be revealed.

Battlefield 3 Will Feature Team Deathmatch And Infantry-Only Matches


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