Star Wars: The Old Republic To Feature 200 Hours Of Gameplay Per Class?


Posted June 29, 2011 - By Leah Jackson

Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Testing Underway

Star Wars: The Old Republic, the PC exclusive massively multiplayer online role playing game from EA will offer 200 hours of play per class according to an interview from GamesIndustry.biz with EA Games head Frank Gibeau.

When asked about the cost of the game, estimated at $300 million, Gibeau said, "I don't pay much attention to that talk, I get a lot of questions from analysts and press about it. What I try and concentrate on is, is it a good game and is it ready to go? You look at a game that has 200 hours of gameplay for each of the six classes, and that doesn't include the crafting, the raids, the multiplayer. It's vast. It's a gigantic game. And that costs money."

First off, as SW:TOR has eight classes, we expect that Gibeau just misspoke. Second, this quote raises a wide variety of questions as Gibeau didn't exactly specify what 200 hours of gameplay meant. It could be 200 hours of pure storyline, but it could also be 200 hours to reach the level cap. Or it could take around 200 hours completing all of the achievements in the game.

It sounds a bit unrealistic to me, but if it's 200 hours of pure Star Wars storyline per class, then that's really exciting and something that no other MMO is emphasizing as much. However, if it's 200 hours for the story then it would seem to be that SW:TOR is more of a single player game with MMO elements, rather than a full fledged MMO where you're required to play with others.

Regardless, 200 hours is a very long time, are you willing to give that much time up for each of your Star Wars: The Old Republic characters?

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Star Wars: The Old Republic To Feature 200 Hours Of Gameplay Per Class?


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