SuperGay For The iPhone Features Openly Gay Hero: This Game Is Totally Gay!


Posted June 29, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

 Gay Video Game Coming: iPhone Game Features Openly Gay Super-Hero

I've always had suspicions about the sexuality of super-heroes*. They run around in public in brightly colored tights with capes and codpieces, always have perfectly done hair (think of Superman's permanent spit-curl), and seem awfully friendly with their super-hero pals. The entire Justice League wouldn't look out-of-place at a Pride Parade, honestly. There's no doubt at all about SuperGay, though. The star of just-launched iPhone game SuperGay & the Attack of his ExGirlfriends is clearly, openly and proudly gay-- SUPER gay, if you will.

SuperGay's creators, Barcelona-based developers Klicrainbow, claim the pink clad crusader's video game is the first ever to feature a gay main character, and who am I to doubt them? Judging from the screenshot, it's a 2D side-scrolling platformer, but a full plot synopsis is under the cut.

SuperGay's plot:

"Dr. Tom Palmer is an idealistic scientist of the Genetic Corp. Company. There, he works with his father-in-law, Dr. Arnold Himmler and the beautiful Ilsa Himmler, his fiancée. He develops a cloning project for humanitarian purposes. However behind his back, his father-in-law and fiancée negotiate lucrative contracts with international leaders to sell their work for military purposes. However, when Dr. Palmer finds it out, it seems too late. Dissatisfied with his personal life, and now betrayed in his career, Tom needs an escape. A failed experiment grants him new super powers and opens the door to his last chance. Tom will have to stop his jilted ex-girlfriend Ilsa to attempt revenge, which may result in a truly global nuclear war."

So what do you guys think? Is gaming ready for a gay super hero? Are you going to download SuperGay? Let us know in the comment section.

*Especially Submariner.

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SuperGay For The iPhone Features Openly Gay Hero: This Game Is Totally Gay!


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