"GoldenEye Reloaded" Domain Names Registered


Posted June 28, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

GoldenEye 007

The internet sleuths over at Superannuation have uncovered some interesting domain name registrations. Activision has registered several domain names for something called "GoldenEye Reloaded," suggesting a world of possibilities for the much-beloved GoldenEye franchise.

My hope, of course, is that this is a GoldenEye game for the 360 and the PS3. The last GoldenEye game was pretty excellent, especially for a Wii shooter, but it never made it to "real" consoles.

When asked last year about GoldenEye 007 coming to the 360 or PS3, Activision's Julian Widdows said:  "Who knows? Things happen, don't they, with big publishers? But for the time being it's all about the Wii, and that's really how we hope people will go and experience it, because that's how it's been built. It's not been built for the PS3 and Xbox 360, it's been built for this."

Hopefully, the "Reloaded" part of the title means it's been loaded for the 360 and PS3!

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"GoldenEye Reloaded" Domain Names Registered


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