Duke Nukem Forever: After More Than A Decade, It's Judgment Day


Posted June 21, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

Duke Nukem Forever

Whenever we review a game and give it either our top rating or our bottom rating, there's a ton of discussion around what exactly makes a good game or a bad game. How great does a game have to be before it earns the very highest score we can bestow? How terrible is a game that earns our bottom-of-the-toilet one-star prize? Duke Nukem Forever is the most recent game that has spurred this office-wide discussion.

Here's part of Jason D'Aprile's review. I'll let you try to guess how many stars he gave ol' Duke:

"That the character of Duke Nukem is so utterly reprehensible is only one problem with Forever. Video games should be a cathartic release, and, when done skillfully, a bit of the old ultra violence and tawdry sexism is definitely fun. When done badly however, this sort of content becomes an immature, offensive, and tasteless mess. Duke Nukem Forever is easily one of the most inanely written games out there, with appalling dialogue and shoddy paper-thin stereotypes instead of actual characters."

Read the rest of our Duke Nukem Forever review.

Duke Nukem Forever: After More Than A Decade, It's Judgment Day


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