Why Is There So Much Hacking Lately: Four Theories


Posted June 21, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

HACKERS movieWe've been covering a lot of hacking stories lately, whether it's the huge blowout at Sony, or the relatively small fish like Codemasters. You may be asking: "Why so much hacking lately?" News site The Week has spoken to some experts, and has four theories.

  1. Lack of encryption
  2. The rise of "hacktivist groups"
  3. The password problem (IE: People use the same passwords for multiple uses.)
  4. Actually, this has been happening for a long time... but because of very high-profile hacks like Sony's, we're just noticing now.

As The Week points out, maybe the time of the password is coming to an end. It's obviously a bad way to keep things secret. The number of people who use the password "Password" to keep their data safe is pretty high, and, really you can't expect the layperson, who just wants to play video games or watch YouTube videos to be experts in internet security. I think it's time for a technological solution.

I'll bet the computer you're reading this on right now has a good enough webcam to allow facial recognition, and adding fingerprint authentication to electronics could easily become a selling point, and even worth a little extra money.

Other than some unauthorized use of a quickly-canceled credit card (someone in North Carolina bought some new sneakers!), I've never been a victim of identity theft, not counting Sony.  What about you? Ever have any serious hacking problems?

Source: The Week

Why Is There So Much Hacking Lately: Four Theories