Starfox 64 3D Impressions -- Do A (3D) Barrel Roll

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Posted June 20, 2011 - By John Smith

Starfox 64 Get July 14 Japanese Releast Date

Starfox 64 3D speaks to me. It inspires me. I am led toward the following, simple ode: Ah, Peppy. Without your wisdom guiding me, I might never have found my way. I might never have gotten those enemies off of my tail. Don't let the 3D change you, Peppy. Lead me. Guide me. Tell me to do a barrel roll.

Peppy, Fox, and crew are returning in the 3D remake of the high-flying classic. We got some hands-on time with the 3DS title and Jake Gaskill's here to report his first impressions:

"The moment I pulled off my first back flip reversal to get the drop on an enemy that I had carelessly overflown during my hands-on time with Starfox 64 3DS at E3 2011, I was instantly transported to my childhood bedroom where a much younger version of myself used to sit cross-legged for hours at a time playing the original Starfox 64. Needless to say, finally getting my hands on the game after all these years was one of the highlights of this year’s E3, helped along by the fact that the 3DS remastering of this classic flight shooter plays exactly like you’d hope it would, and it works beautifully in 3D."

Things are looking up for this remake. Do a barrel roll over to our Starfox 64 3D Preview and see what you think.

Starfox 64 3D Impressions -- Do A (3D) Barrel Roll


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