Fruit Ninja Kinect -- Show That Fruit Who's Boss


Posted June 20, 2011 - By John Smith

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 Fruit Ninja Kinect

Fruit Ninja Kinect is only the first step in your journey. What's the final step? It'll be you, your sword, and your wits vs. the infamous fruit-cannon, the deadly device that has been the scourge of man and beast alike.

Okay, okay… while that's not exactly probable, what is probable is that you'll get a kick out of this game if you enjoyed its mobile predecessor. Adam Rosenberg tells us more:

"The popular mobile game Fruit Ninja, from Australian developer Halfbrick, requires that you imbue your finger with the grace and finesse of a trained dancer. Weaving complex patterns across the touchscreen on your device of choice, you skillfully slice your way through miles upon miles of airborne fruit, while avoiding the occasional bomb that gets chucked into your path. Your points score rises quickly as combos mount, and fruit starts to fly faster and more furiously. You're a Zen master though, quiet and patient, striking out with the tip of your digit only when the moment is right.

Summer of Arcade downloadable title Fruit Ninja Kinect is virtually unchanged from its smaller screen predecessor in terms of the gameplay, but in trading up from a touchscreen to a motion-sensing camera, the experience changes from an idyllic test of your concentration and patience to a muscle-straining workout of flailing arms and ridiculous posing.

It is, to sum things up simply, out of control fun."

Fruit Ninja Kinect will likely be invading countless living rooms when it gets released. See if it's worth inviting into yours by checking out our Fruit Ninja Kinect Preview!

Fruit Ninja Kinect -- Show That Fruit Who's Boss


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