Duke Nukem Forever Secrets: Ego(Health) Bar Guide


Posted June 16, 2011 - By Donell Tucker

Duke Nukem Forever Secrets: Ego(Health) Bar Guide

Need some help increasing your Ego bar in Duke Nukem Forever? Don't feel bad because G4tv can help! We've created a guide on how to increase your ego(health) bar for those who are having trouble getting it up. There are many secret ego items located through out the levels, but we fish them out with the list below enjoy!

Duke Lives
Ego Items: Zero

Duke's Pad
Ego Items: 3

1)Use the toilet in Duke's bathroom.
2) Head over to Duke's bathroom and look in the mirror to admire yourself.
3)Play a game of pool in the room where the twins are near the big window and hit every ball in the pockets except the white ball.


Damn! It Late…
Ego Items: 4

1) Microwave the Rat in the break room.
2) Autograph the kid's book.
3) Admire yourself in the window inside the make-up room.
4) Use the stalls where the guy is going "Number 2." You'll hear him make funny noises.

The Duke Cave
Ego items: 7

1)In Duke's gym room punch the large red punching bag
2)In Duke's gym room punch the small brown speed bag
3)In Duke's gym room shoot and make a basket with a basketball
4)In Duke's gym room Do a curl with a dumbbell
5)In Duke's gym room Add 4 weights to the bench press and then lift 600 pounds just once.
6)In Duke's gym room play the pinball machine and get the high score(over 280,000 points)

Mothership Battle
Ego Items: Zero

The Lady Killer

Ego Items: Zero

The Lady Killer: Part 2
Ego Items: 1

1) Play the slot machine in the casino and match 3 bars.

The Lady Killer: Part 3
Ego Items: Zero

Vegas in Ruin:
Ego Items: 1

1) Defeat Battlelord(Boss)

The Duke Dome
Ego Items: Zero

The Duke Dome: Part 2
Ego Items: 1

1)Make a copy of your booty in the trailer using the copy machine.

The Hive:
Ego Items: 1

1) Slap the alien looking boobs located in the room with three girls attached to one of the hive's pillar.

Queen Bitch:
Ego items: 1

1) Defeat Alien Queen(Boss)

Duke Nukem's Titty City
Ego Items: 14

1) Win at video poker
2) Win at Air Hockey against a random guy
3) Win at Alien Abortion by getting the high score
4) When the stripper comes out on stage to perform go around the back and step onto the stage to pay her to flash.
5) Look in the glory hole in the stalls

Part 2: Coming Soon!

Duke Nukem Forever Secrets: Ego(Health) Bar Guide


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