Sega's Urinal-Based Game Gets Japanese Release Date


Posted June 16, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

If you thought Sega was out of the video game hardware-making business, think again. The company is releasing a revolutionary new game system in Japan called "Toylet." Toylet is -- and I'm going to put this as delicately as I can -- a game that is controlled through urination.

Sega's system is placed inside a urinal, and players control the onscreen action through the speed of their stream. Toylet will keep track of both the velocity and volume of players' elimination, and even allow you to "compete" with other people who have used the urinal previously. This is gross.

Toylet is not some fever-dream or joke, either; it's a real product, that's really coming out in Japan in November. It will cost you $1,850 for the hardware and software -- urinal not included. No word on an American release date, but I can only hope it will come out in The States on the 54th of Never.

I'm sure you want to see Toylet in action, so just click the video below.

Sega's Urinal-Based Game Gets Japanese Release Date