Skullgirls Preview E3 2011 -- A Fighting Game That Uses Your Head


Posted June 15, 2011 - By Sophie Prell


Skullgirls may not be the biggest name on the resurging fighting game market, but it just might be the most adorable-yet-hardcore one. Featuring - what else? - girls with things on their skulls, the animated 2D fighter issticking to what makes fighters the genre we all love and/or hate: fighting. Adam Rosenburg scoped out the game at the E3 2011 show, and here's just a tiny sample of what he had to say:

"The big feature that Skullgirls touts ahead of other 2D fighters is its infinite detection system. If you've ever played this sort of game and found yourself screaming "CHEAP!" as your opponent bashed you over and over again with the same, unbreakable move, you'll appreciate this. Essentially, if the game detects that one fighter is performing this sort of attack, the chain can eventually be broken with a single button press. It's not exactly a leveling of the playing field between the casual and the hardcore, but at least it gives newcomers more of a fighting change against veterans who are happy to abuse specific moves."

I personally am not sure what to make of the Fighting Game Renaissance. On one hand, it's a genre I've always loved and demanded quality from. On the other, I was never quite so depressed in my gaming life as when I went online only to have my butt handed to me repeatedly with Mortal Kombat. So if Skullgirls can compete with the big kids - and it looks like it can! - maybe I can still cling to hope.

So, fighting veterans and noobs alike, check out our full Skullgirls E3 2011 preview and let us know what you think!

Skullgirls Preview E3 2011 -- A Fighting Game That Uses Your Head