Killzone 3 Steel Rain DLC Will Keep You Up All Night

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Posted June 15, 2011 - By Leah Jackson

Sometimes it's just plain fun to stay up all night and play video games. Whether you're going after a super tough trophy or just learning a new strategy to own people in multiplayer, it's great to stay awake playing Guerrilla Games' PlayStation 3 exclusive Killzone 3.

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Killzone 3 has been out since February, but the Steel Rain DLC has kept this game going strong. Steel Rain brings two hard-hitting multiplayer maps to KZ3 that were inspired by locations from the single-player campaign. They include Junkyard, a Guerrilla Warfare map, and Stahl Arms. Junkyard takes place in a junk processing facility amidst a torrential downpour. Jetpacks and exoskeletons will clash in this rainy map. Stahl Arms is a Warzone map set on the factory floor of one of Helghan's weapons manufacturing plants. To help you get through the Steel Rain DLC we've put together this nifty trophy guide after the break.

The Steel Rain Killzone 3 DLC comes with seven new trophies that you can unlock while ripping apart your enemies. There are two trophies that are specific to each map and three that can be completed on either of them. Keep in mind that none of these can be completed in custom games. You have to do it the hard way! Let's get started, shall we?

Junkyard Map Trophies

Killzone 3 Steel Rain DLC Will Keep You Up All NightJetpack on Exo Action - Destroy Exoskeleton

For this trophy you have to destroy and enemy Exoskeleton with your jetpack while in flight. Jetpacks can be found all around the Junkyard map, so you just need to grab one and find an enemy after they've taken control of one of the Exos on the map. While the Exo is in control of the enemy, wait until it's damaged and then deal the killing blow while flying. It's easily the harder of the two trophies to get, so don't get too frustrated.

Killzone 3 Steel Rain DLC Will Keep You Up All NightExo on Jetpack Action - Kill a Jetpack
For this trophy you need to kill a flying enemy Jetpack with an Exoskeleton, basically the opposite of the first trophy. You have to get in to one of the two Exos and kill a flying enemy. Make sure the enemy is in midair though or it won't count!

Stahl Arms Map Trophies:

Killzone 3 Steel Rain DLC Will Keep You Up All NightDeadly Threesome - Triple Kill
This trophy is pretty straightforward, you need to get three kills in a row and you have to do it on the Stahl Arms map. You have to be pretty skilled to get a triple kill, or maybe just land a lucky grenade.

Killzone 3 Steel Rain DLC Will Keep You Up All NightI See You - Minigun a Marksman
For this trophy you need to kill a marksman with a mounted minigun, and there's only one of them on the whole map. It's located in center, and you need to make sure you're careful when you go to pick it up. Wait for a marksman to come into view and take him out to get the trophy.

The rest of these trophies can be done on either Junkyard or Stahl Arms. Pick your favorite of the two and let's get to unlocking.

Killzone 3 Steel Rain DLC Will Keep You Up All Night5 for 5 - Lots of Guns

For this trophy you need to kill five enemies with five different primary, secondary, or explosive weapons in a single match. I love these types of trophies, mainly because they're pretty simple but they're also a lot of fun to pull off. The easiest way to get this one done is to just pick a new class and weapon before you spawn and then to keep changing. Be aware that melee kills, while epic, don't count towards the trophy.

Killzone 3 Steel Rain DLC Will Keep You Up All NightJack of All Trades - Kill All Careers
To unlock this trophy you have to kill one enemy of each career type in a single match. This trophy is more about luck than your skill, as you  just have to hope the other team chooses each different class. The five classes you have to kill are Field Medic, Engineer, Tacticia, Marksman, and Infiltrator. Usually teams have a good mix, but don't sweat this trophy too much. You'll probably unlock it as you're playing through matches without even trying for it.

Killzone 3 Steel Rain DLC Will Keep You Up All NightHighly Decorated - Unlock Ribbons
This trophy will require the most effort and it's probably best to do it in the Stahl Arms map. What you have to do is unlock five ribbons by completing objectives in a single match while playing Operations or Warzone. Here's how to unlock the five ribbons:

  • Double Kill XP- To get this ribbon you just need to complete an objective. The easiest one to get would be during Capture and Hold rounds. Be sure to plant one of the bombs so you get credit towards the ribbon.
  • Increased Accuracy- For this ribbon you need to get five melee kills in one round. Remember, you run faster with a knife in your hands.
  • Bullet Damage- You can get this ribbon by getting five assists in one match. Make sure that you aren't aiming to kill while going after this ribbon, leave that to your teammates.
  •  Faster Aim- Get five kills while aiming down the site of your gun to unlock this ribbon.
  • Faster Reload- For this ribbon you just need to get 10 kills while firing from the hip. As you progress through the match you'll probably just get this ribbon anyway and it's generally one of the easier ones to get.

And there you have it! By completing all of these objectives you'll have unlocked all of the trophies that the Steel Rain Killzone 3 DLC has to offer. The DLC is a great time, will keep you and your friends up for hours, and is only $5 so you have no excuse for not getting into the action.

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Killzone 3 Steel Rain DLC Will Keep You Up All Night


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