Agent 47 Is Back In Our Hitman Absolution E3 2011 Preview

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Posted June 7, 2011 - By Leah Jackson

Agent 47 Is Back In Out Hitman Absolution E3 2011 Preview

Agent 47 is back in Hitman Absolution, the new action game from IO Interactive. We got to check out some gameplay from the sneaky demo and came away awestruck at its graphics and overall representation. But even though it looks great, does it really feel like Hitman?

"Yup, he’s a hitman and a cop killer, and we have to assume they’re all bad instead of you being a really evil guy for taking out Chicago’s finest indiscriminately. And the deaths are brutal. One gets silently strangled with a power cord, another one choked by hand, while one other gets brained by a bust and thrown into a hole. Absolution puts the player into pure survival mode for this chapter, as he sabotages a fuse box to distract the police and escape. But the only way to ultimately make it out alive is to take a rookie cop hostage. Holding him as a human shield, Agent 47 tries to back his way out of the library but all eyes are on him as is every cop’s weapon."

Be sure to check out the rest of our Hitman Absolution E3 2011 Preview to find out what other crazy mechanics are awaiting players in this re-invention of the series.

Agent 47 Is Back In Our Hitman Absolution E3 2011 Preview


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