The Road to E3 2011: Nintendo Report Card


Posted May 25, 2011 - By Guest Writer

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The Road to E3 2011: Nintendo Report Card

With one newly launched platform (the 3DS), and a mysterious new console on the way (which is set for a grand unveiling at the show), Nintendo has a particularly exciting E3 2011 ahead. It’s been a good year for the publisher, though sales of the ultra-successful Wii are slowing down after a stellar five-and-a-half year run – creating fertile ground for a successor. The 3DS, still technically in its “launch window”, has plenty to prove, and the prospect of several juicy new titles in favorite franchises like Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid and even good old Kid Icarus is whetting appetites left and right.

But enough about the future – let’s now dial things back one year and see how the big N fared at E3 2010.


E3 2010 Nintendo Press Conference »


After years of lackluster E3 showings, where press clippings from “mainstream” media and seriously lame casual offerings like Wii Music and the “vitality sensor” crowded out the good games, Nintendo made a massive impact at E3 2010. With the spectacular introduction of the 3DS, and a lineup of exciting exclusives – including Zelda: Skyward Sword, Donkey Kong Country Returns, GoldenEye 007, Disney Epic Mickey and Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Nintendo surprised even the most jaded of show attendees. Everyone was buzzing about the 3DS at last year’s show – thanks in large part to the success of the little system’s powerful effects and Nintendo’s success at getting attendees’ hands on one.

The press event itself was the company’s best in ages, with heavyweights like Reggie Fils-Aime and Shiguru Miyamoto holding court demonstrating the new 3DS and upcoming Wii blockbuster The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. A ridiculous number of nostalgia-tripping titles were announced or featured, starring everyone from Kid Icarus to Kirby to Samus to Donkey Kong, with Mickey Mouse and James Bond (of the surprise GoldenEye reboot) holding up the third party side. Even main man Mario was featured in Mario Sports Mix.

The 3DS was absolutely the highlight of the company’s E3. From its bombastic unveiling at the press event to the steady stream of excited show-goers chatting about the device on every corner of the show floor, this was the hardware win of E3 2010. More than anything, people seemed excited about the prospect of glasses-free 3D that could be tuned to one’s own liking – and the fact that lines stayed long at Nintendo’s booth despite a large number of units speaks volumes to the buzz factor.

Titles/Hardware that have been released:

Titles/Hardware that have not been released:

We’re going to go ahead and give Nintendo an “A+” for last year’s show. The first truly inspiring line-up in years, an incredibly buzz-worthy platform launch, and the best actual press conference – after years of almost hilariously bad events – all contributed to Nintendo’s strongest E3 since 2006. Bringing out tons of sexy women chained to the Nintendo 3DS prototypes was the coup de grace.

This year, the biggest item on Nintendo’s radar is the new console. Is it an HD Wii with gyroscopic touch screen controllers, or any other of the random rumored designs, or are we looking at something else entirely? Console announcements are the tentpole events of E3 – they don’t happen every year, but when they do, our already hype-centric industry goes into full overdrive. We’re also expecting to hear plenty of 3DS news – especially Nintendo’s plans for the mobile store – and more details about what’s surely the publisher’s biggest title this year - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Get your motion-plus controllers primed and park a tab right here for all of your E3 2011 coverage.

Danielle Riendau is a freelance writer, digital media professor, and nonprofit web ninja from Boston. You should follow her on twitter for all of the relevant links and details:

The Road to E3 2011: Nintendo Report Card


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